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Introducing Our Fungus Fly Killer Beetles

Use Atheta Coriaria Predatory Beetles To Combat Fungus Fly

Fungus Fly (Fungus Gnats / Sciarid Fly) can present a year-round problem for those housing plants indoors. These tiny black flies are a nuisance but their larvae can significantly harm plant roots.

Fortunately we have a number of natural, chemical free solutions that can be used to combat this insect including a brand new product in the form of our Fungus Fly Killer Beetles - Atheta coriaria.          

This makes our armoury of natural solutions very comprehensive, so much so that we thought it might be useful to provide a guide to help you choose which controls to use and when.  


Atheta coriaria beetles are supplied in tubes of 1000 predators. Simply sprinkle the tube over plant compost to release small piles of predators.

Before Applying The Beetles, Trap Fungus Flies With Our Sticky Traps

The first step is to monitor and identify Fungus Fly populations so that you can reduce the risk of a large infestation establishing. This can easily achieved with yellow sticky traps such as the Dragonfli Eco-Traps. The cardboard traps are perfect for providing advance warning of a problem by catching the first adult Fungus Flies.


Our Eco-Sticky Traps are biodegradable, made with treated cardboard, and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sticky traps made from plastic.

Apply Atheta Beetles In Greenhouses & In Lower Temperatures

If there are low numbers of Fungus Fly, or if you are protecting compost and plants in greenhouses, try introducing Fungus Fly Killer Beetles. The beetles can be sprinkled under benches, or onto the surface of the plant compost in little piles.

The Atheta beetles, and larvae, will feed on any Fungus Fly larvae they find. Once the beetles are established, they will fly around to seek out more Fungus Fly, especially if there are damp areas in the greenhouse. As an added benefit, Atheta beetles will also feed on Thrip pupae, Springtail larvae and Shore Fly larvae.

The beetles will survive at quite low temperatures, so can be introduced early in the season if you have un-heated or partially heated greenhouses. Fungus Fly Killer Beetles can be used in combination with Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes for quicker control of Fungus Fly populations.

Atheta predators can survive in lower temperatures than alternative predators and are perfect for early season application in greenhouses during propagation.

Use Mighty Mite Predators When Treating Fungus Fly In House Plants

When treating House Plants for Fungus Fly, the best option, as a preventative treatment, is to apply soil borne predatory mites such as Mighty Mite - Macrocheles robustulus.

These tiny predatory mites are applied to the compost surface and feed on any small soil borne insects they find, such as Fungus fly larvae or Thrip pupae. They are great to have working in the background, seeking out any harmful pests. Soil borne predators, however, can sometimes struggle to control large populations of Fungus fly when applied as a single treatment.


Mighty Mite predators are supplied in units of 5000, 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 predators. These predators provide a natural solution to Fungus Fly infestations in house plants.

Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes Remain The Best Treatment For Larger Infestations

When Fungus Fly numbers are high, the best curative solution is Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes. The nematodes simply need watering into compost in pots, containers or seed trays. These tiny microscopic worms will then seek out and kill Fungus Fly larvae. Our nematodes remain the best option in combating large Fungus Fly populations.

For particularly severe infestations, apply the nematodes every two weeks until the Fungus Fly life cycle is broken. Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes are harmless to humans, pets and wildlife. They do, however, provide a natural and rapid way of controlling Fungus Fly.

Our Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes remain an incredibly popular product with customers due to the effectiveness of the treatment and ease of application.

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