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What are Springtails?

Springtails (Collembola) populate in soil and compost. There are two common species, one that lives underground, and one that lives on the soil or compost surface. The species that dwell under the surface tend to be white, while the surface populations can be green to dark brown.

Springtail Damage & Symptoms

Springtails feed largely on organic matter, so when situated in compost heaps, or leaf litter, they actually help with the breakdown of organic waste.

In large numbers, however, they can feed on plant roots. In severe cases this can cause young seedlings and plants not to develop, or to die. 

How To Control Springtails

Our soil borne predatory mites, Hypoaspis and Macrocheles (Mighty Mite) predators, as well as our Atheta coriaria beetles, can be applied to treat Springtails. Simply apply the predators to the soil or surface of the compost where they will proceed to feed on the eggs or young stages of the Springtail life cycle. The predators will also feed on other pests they locate in the compost such as Fungus Fly larvae and Thrip pupae. This makes the predators a good investment for protecting young plants, especially at the propagation stage.

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