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Dragonfli Biological Controls Aiding National Trust Sycamore Gap Tree Restoration Efforts

National Trust Using Dragonfli Biological Controls To Protect Growing Seedlings From Felled Sycamore Gap Tree

It was great to read in the Sunday Times about the work the National Trust is conducting in growing seedlings and cuttings from the historical Sycamore tree so horribly felled at the Sycamore Gap upon Hadrians Wall.

The National Trust uses biological control on many of its sites and Dragonfli are privileged to continue to supply and advise on the biological control used on some of such sites, including the National Trust nursery where work on the Sycamore Gap tree is being carried out.

Many of the biological control products the National Trust use are available for hobby gardeners through our website, like the use of Aphid parasites such as our Aphidius colemaniAphidius ervi and Aphiscout products.


Aphidius colemani in action parasitising an Aphid, one of the controls currently being utilised by the National Trust.

Dragonfli Biological Control Development To Continue With The Launch Of Hoverfly Larvae Product

Dragonfli also advises and supplies biological control to many of the UK's leading Botanical gardens. One of the new products we will be launching in 2024, to further assist the management of these sites, and as an offering to our regular customers, is Hoverfly larvae for the increased biological control of aphids. Hoverfly larvae are excellent Aphid predators, while the adults are also handy pollinators. In the coming few weeks keep an eye out for an exciting announcement on two new Hoverfly products.


Stay posted for the launch of two new Dragonfli Hoverfly products for natural and effective aphid control.

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