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House Plant Care

Dragonfli House Plant Care

House plants come in all shapes and sizes, providing additional interest to any home, conservatory or greenhouse. They enrich the environment, and as living organisms produce oxygen, whilst also providing attractive displays, colours and scents. House plants also need care, as they can be vulnerable to pests and diseases. Dragonfli have set up a dedicated House Plant Care page that will help you understand, identify and control plant pests safely, and ultimately aid your plants to develop and grow in a healthy and natural way.

The essential requirements for healthy house plants are: light, optimum temperatures, water, nutrition and a strong root system. To aid plant performance, see our range of products available on our Plant Health page.

How To Protect House Plants From Insect Pests

House Plants can suffer attacks from insects. See our Insect Pests drop down menu for a list of all the relevant pests that are known to attack plants across the U.K. Detailed information on the pests, and the natural solutions that are available to control them, are found by clicking on the name of the particular pest you wish to treat.

One of the first pests that can appear on house plants are Fungus Gnats, often known as Sciarid Flies. These little black flies will fly up when plants are disturbed and live in the house plant compost. They can be caught with our Mini Tulip Sticky TrapsFungus Flies lay their eggs in the compost, which then develop into tiny white larvae. These too can be killed, safely and naturally, with our Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes. Simply water these nematodes into the compost of your plants.

Other common house plant pests include: Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips, Scale Insects, Spider Mites, Whiteflies and Vine WeevilsFind more information on these pests and the relevant products available to treat them by clicking on the attached links. See also our carefully selected range of house plant care products below, which include our popular Amblyseius californicus sachets, and Amblyseius swirskii sachets, used to treat Spider Mite or Thrip infestations.