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What Are Ants?

Ants are commonly found in most gardens. They are related to Bees and Wasps and live in large colonies. There are over 30 different species in the UK. They have quite a complex colony mainly consisting of female workers but also a queen and some males.

Ant Infestation Signs & Symptoms

Ants are not really a pest, they are more a nuisance in certain situations. Their ant mounds can disfigure a lawn, and they can populate in areas where food is prepared. Ants can also impede Aphid predators such as Ladybirds, as they farm sap from Aphids, and will often remove predators that are trying to feed on the Aphids themselves.

How To Control Ants

There are very few effective controls against Ants. Some companies recommend applying nematodes, however tests have shown that nematodes cannot control Ants. Applying nematodes to Ant mounds in lawns temporarily disturbs them but does not kill or control the Ants. For this reason Dragonfli does not supply nematodes marketed for this pest. Constant manual disturbance of Ant mounds will have a similar effect to applying nematodes. We do, however, offer two alternative chemical-free Ant infestation solutions. 

Our Crawling Insect Traps will help you combat indoor infestations, while our Glue Bands offer an outdoor solution when applied to trees as they protect natural Aphid predators from Ants.