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Help for Hedgehogs this Winter - Dragonfli

Time To Help Out Hedgehogs

This colder weather will now be making one of our gardening allies, and a most welcome visitor, a little sleepy and ready for hibernation.

Hedgehogs are a great addition to the garden and certainly need looking out for this winter. It is estimated that their population has diminished by 30% since 2002, and their numbers are following the same rate of decline as the Tiger. It would be awful for the U.K if we lost this wonderful little animal.

Hedgehogs need our help as they seek to hibernate this winter. Their numbers in the U.K. have depleted by 30% since 2002.

Four Ways You Can Protect These Beloved Creatures

At this time of the year hedgehogs need to have fed well, or still be feeding, in order to build up their strength for the long hibernation throughout the winter, especially if they have been born later in the season.

Here are four ways in which you can help hedgehogs to withstand these cold conditions:

1. Provide additional food & water (NOT bread and milk, which they unable to digest). Dried Black Fly larvae are a highly nutritious food source for hedgehogs. You can find these in garden centres across the U.K.


Providing water & food, such as dried Black Fly larvae, can ensure hedgehogs are provided with enough supplements to hibernate.

2. Offer hedgehogs a suitable habitat for hibernation. Set up a structure that provides them shelter and protection from predators. Dragonfli offer a hedgehog habitat included in our Crittacabin which you can find here.

3Do not use traditional slug pellets. If required, only use iron based ones, which are harmless to hedgehogs. We supply Slug Pellets that are organic and harmless to wildlife which you can find here. Don’t forget that hedgehogs are very good predators of slugs anyway!


Refrain from using traditional slug pellets. Dragonfli offer this organic alternative which is safe for use around wildlife. Hedgehogs themselves are a great natural predator of slugs in any case! 

4. Be mindful when tidying up the garden, especially if using strimmers and having bonfires. Remove any barbed wire, or chicken wire, that may be lying around. It is important to ensure areas are not left hazardous for the hedgehogs.

Our Crittacabin Includes A Hedgehog Habitat As Well As A Home For Beneficial Insects & Solitary Bees  

Here at Dragonfli, we are also offering habitats for hedgehogs that provide winter shelter and protection from predators. Our wonderfully designed and handcrafted Crittacabin includes a 'Hogitat' Hedgehog shelter at the base of the wooden triangle. 


Our Crittacabin features a specifically designed hedgehog shelter at the base of the timber pyramid.

The Crittacabin also features a variety of log habitats perfect for Solitary Bees and beneficial insects, such as Ladybirds and Lacewings, insects which you can acquire directly from Dragonfli!

Comments (2 Responses)

01 April, 2022

Julian Ives

Hi Kim, thanks for getting in touch and for bringing this to our attention.

A new healthy hedgehog food has actually recently been developed in the form of dried Black Fly larvae. These larva provide a highly nutritious food source for the hedgehogs and the product is becoming increasingly available online or in garden centre stores.

Kind regards, Julian Ives [Director, Dragonfli]

01 April, 2022

Kim Karlshoej

Just a suggestion. Your post says what not to feed ( milk/bread) hedgehogs, but not what food is appropriate.


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