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The benefits of Premium foil sachets over paper - Dragonfli

New Dragonfli Premium Sachets Release 3x More Predators 

As many of you know, we provide a lot of our predators in slow release sachets. Recent technological advances have been made in the production of these sachets with the transition from paper to foil, and this has many benefits.


Our foil sachets have a number of benefits including increased mite emergence due to improved breeding conditions within the sachet.

Within the foil sachets, the environment does not fluctuate like it does in the paper sachets. The humidity level remains stable which creates optimal breeding conditions. This results in up to 3 times as many mites being released from each sachet, compared to paper sachet alternatives, and at a steady rate.

As you can see from the green lines on the graph, the foil sachets dwarf the paper in terms of mite emergence over time.

Foil Sachets More Water Resistant, Plastic Free & Compostable

The watering of plants can cause paper sachets to moisten and dry out, resulting in mass evacuation of mites if conditions are not favourable. The foil sachets are water resistant and remain unaffected by overhead irrigation.

The sachets are plastic free and fully compostable so can be composted with plant waste. They are designed not to degrade within their usage time frame, however, and it is recommended that they are included with waste intended to be composted industrially (curb side collection), which will speed up composting time to around 12 weeks.

Foil Sachets Available To Treat Thrip & Spider Mite Pests

Currently we can provide foil sachets of Amblyseius swirskii for the prevention of Thrip, and Amblyseius californicus for the prevention of Red Spider Mite.


Find our foil sachets to treat Thrip and Spider Mite pests. Simply hang the sachets from your house plants, or indoor growing collections.

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