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New Spider mite control launched - SPIDEX BOOST - Dragonfli

Brand New Predator Sachets Available To Combat Spider Mite

Spider Mite, in the summer months, is a deadly pest to many plants including Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Strawberries and ornamental plants. Spider Mites reproduce very rapidly in warm weather and will feed on plants, sucking out sap, turning the leaves yellow, and eventually killing the plants.

When Spider Mites reproduce in large numbers they create webbing on plants which they use to transport themselves from plant to plant. The webs are often blown in the wind, or even become attached to clothing as people brush past the infested plants. Once webbing does appear this will indicate that a significant infestation has established as there will be huge numbers of Spider Mites present within the webs.


Spider Mites create webbing, when present in large numbers, which they use to transport themselves across multiple plants.

Spidex Vital Plus Provides The Solution

Fortunately there are some very effective predatory mites that can be applied against this pest and none more so than the predatory mite; Phytoseiulus persimilis. Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites are Spider Mites worst enemy as they consume huge numbers of the mites and their eggs. This predator has been used by professional growers for many years and has now undergone a major upgrade!


Spidex Vital Plus sachets release Phytoseiulus persimilis predators; the most effective Spider Mite predator. 

The predators are now available in a new format that makes them even more deadly to Spider Mites. Spidex Vital Plus is an exclusive new product supplied in a sachet, to be hung on plants, which releases the Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites for several weeks. This provides a constant flow of predators to quickly control Spider Mite infestations. Previously this predator had only been available in quick release bottles where all of the predators are released at once.


Spidex Vital Plus sachets ensure a constant flow of predators are released to protect your plants from Spider Mite infestations.

A clever feature of the Spidex Vital predators is that they are coloured white at first, but when they start to feed on Spider Mites they turn red! This provides a very clear indication that they are feasting on Spider Mites.


Spidex Vital Plus predators change colour after successful predation of Spider Mites, from white to red.

How To Apply Spidex Vital Plus Sachets

Spidex Vital Plus sachets are very easy to use, simply hang them on the infested plants, close to the Spider Mite infestation and let the predators emerge from the sachet. There is already a release hole in the sachet so there is no need to open the sachets. Simply try to provide a bit of shade for the sachets and leave them on the plants for several week


Simply hang the Spidex Vital Plus sachets from your plants. There is a release hole already inserted so no need to open the sachets.

A Quick Guide To Help You Select Your Most Suitable Spider Mite Predator

Spidex Vital Plus completes a very strong line up of different predatory mite products available from Dragonfli to stop Spider Mite ruining your plants. The only complication now is over which product to choose?! Here is a quick guide to help you decide:

For Low Temperatures & Low Numbers Of Spider Mite:

Ambylseius andersoni


For Preventative Control Indoors At Warmer Temperatures:

Ambylseius californicus


For Curative Control Indoors Or Outdoors At Warmer Temperatures:

Phytoseiulus persimilis


Phytoseiulus persimilis can be used in combination with Amblyseius californicus for control of indoor infestations.             

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