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Wasp Attractant - For Use In Dragonfli Wasp Traps


Use Our Highly Effective Wasp Attractant In Our Wasp Traps

This attractant is highly effective for use in our traps for the mass catching of large numbers of Wasps ,Hornets and Flies. This natural attractant lures the Wasps inside, where they become trapped and drown from exhaustion within the attractant. Our attractant is specified for Wasps and as such does not attract, or catch, Bees, Birds, or harm wildlife. It is entirely safe for use around children and pets, and contains no chemicals.

How Do I Fill Up My Wasp Trap With The Attractant?

Simply fill up the yellow bottom section of trap with attractant, twist on the transparent lid, thread the vine through the top, and hang the trap in your ideal location. 

Full application instructions are provided on delivery.

Can I Store The Attractant?

The Wasp attractant can indeed be stored away for later use.

When Should I Use The Wasp Traps?

You should set set up and fill your traps with attractant from July onward for the rest of the summer and early autumn. This will ensure maximum trapping rates for the irritating Wasps

How Much Attractant Do I Need?

The attractant is available in three sizes to fill the Wasp trap containers of our small and large wasp traps.

The small Wasp trap requires the 125ml of attractant.

The large Wasp trap requires the 1 litre of attractant.

When Will I Need To Refill My Trap With Attractant?

The attractant will need replacing once it is dried out, and the trap is full of Wasps. The best way to clean our your trap and replace its attractant is to open and submerge the trap in a large bucket of water. This will drown any Wasps that haven't yet died and wash out the Wasp remains without risk of you being stung.

With this refill liquid readily available our Wasp traps can be reused for many years.

More information on how to treat Wasps can be found on our Wasp Trap product listing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rev Tomlinson

I’m always sceptical when buying a new product but was absolutely amazed at how well the traps and the liquid work.
The wasps were invading my bee hives and entering the house in large numbers. 4 traps later and we are on our third refill. Thank you so much, wasps and hornets trapped.

Heather Sullivan
What a relief- this works very effectively

I’ve lost my bee hives too frequently in recent years and 2022 was looking awful- 5 hives being attacked by numerous wasps.
Bought Dragonfly trap & liquid with a little hope as I felt I had to try to do something.
Went back to my apiary 48 hours later- unbelievable success. Only the odd wasp around the hives but zillions in my three traps including some enormous ones ,Queens?). Lots more being lured- eight or ten around each trap trying to get in.
My hives might live on this year. Fingers crossed, but I’m buying more Dragonfyliquid and more traps!


Got tonnes of wasps with this. Just used an old style trap I had. Better than jam!