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Sticky Pad Replacements for Pheromone Traps (Pack Of 5)

Use These Highly Effective Sticky Pads In Our Pheromone Traps

Use these Sticky Pad Replacements in your Dragonfli pheromone traps. The pads offer an alternative to filling your traps with water to kill the various moth species that have been caught. These pads can be purchased for such a purpose, or bought to replace previously used sticky pads, in the following traps:

The male moths are attracted by the pheromone lure, will fly inside the trap and drop down onto the sticky pad inside the trap. The pads can also be used as a helpful monitor for counting moth population levels.

How Do I Set Up The Sticky Pads In The Traps?

Remove the paper to activate the glue and place the pad inside, at the bottom, of the trap. The exposed sticky area will retain moths in the funnel based pheromone traps listed above. 

When Will I Need To Replace The Sticky Pads?

Ensure the sticky card inserts are removed and counted for moth catches on a regular basis to determine moth population levels, and ensure there is space on the pads to catch new moths.