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Small Garden Cutworm Killer Nematodes


What Are Cutworms?

Cutworms are the larvae / caterpillars of several different moths, the most common being the Turnip Moth (Agrotis segetum). They are normally grey to brown in colour and curl up when they are disturbed. Cutworms generally feed at night, on the ground surface, and will damage a wide variety of vegetables, salad plants and even low growing ornamental plants. They will also feed on the roots of seedlings and cause young plants to collapse where they have been feeding. Other symptoms of damage will show as girdled plant stems, severed roots and wilted plants.

What Are Cutworm Killer Nematodes & How Can They Help?

Cutworm Killer contain Steinernema species nematodes that can be applied as a soil drench to control and kill harmful soil dwelling caterpillars such as Cutworms. The nematodes will enter the larvae via a natural opening, like the mouth, and feed on the contents of the larvae. A natural bacterium is produced by the nematodes inside the larvae, which kills it. The nematodes also reproduce inside the larvae, releasing more nematodes into the surrounding area.

Once the Cutworm larvae are killed, the nematodes will die back to natural levels in the soil.

Use Small Garden Cutworm Killer To Combat Cutworms Identified In Smaller Raised Beds & Vegetable Plots

Our Small Garden Cutworm Killer Nematodes are ideal for those looking to treat and protect a smaller surface area of raised beds or vegetable plots infested with Cutworms.

We have two unit options available to purchase:

- The 10 Square Metre Pack which includes 5 Million Nematodes

- The 20 Square Metre Pack which includes 10 Million Nematodes

When Should I Apply The Nematodes?

Apply your Cutworm Killer Nematodes when damage is observed or when Cutworms have been located in the soil. The optimum period to apply is between April to October.

How Many Nematodes Do I Need?

These Small Garden range pack sizes have been specifically designed to treat areas of up to 10 and 20 square metres. This makes the packs more suited for treating smaller gardens, and individual plants, or for targeted treatment of particular sites of infestation.

If looking to treat larger areas, or heavier infestations of Cutworm, see our standard sized Cutworm Killer Nematodes which are available in 4 larger treatment sizes.

What Conditions Do The Nematodes Require?

Choose a humid or wet day to apply your Cutworm Killer Nematodes. Nematodes are UV-sensitive and will not survive long when exposed to bright, sunny conditions. Apply the nematodes early in the morning or early in the evening in order to utilise the optimum humidity levels.

Soil temperatures should be above 10℃ for the nematodes to be active, if applying in the spring.

How Do I Apply The Nematodes?

(The following instruction measurements apply to the 10m2 pack)

1. Open pack and empty entire contents into 0.5 litres of lukewarm water in a bucket. Mix and break up any lumps. This ensures even distribution of nematodes in solution.

2. Take 0.5 litres of solution and add to watering can with up to 10 litres of clean water. One pack will make 1 watering can (including concentrate solution).

3. Apply to pots, seed trays or open beds using a coarse rose / nozzle. One watering can treat up to 10 square metres. The nematodes can also be applied with some hose end feeder / nematode applicators & sprayers such as our Nema Super Sprayer.

Water area / pots treated after use and keep moist for a week after application. Repeat application, if required, every four weeks until no more Cutworms are present.

Full application instructions are provided on delivery.

Can I Store Nematodes?

You can store unopened nematode packs in a fridge but it is best to ensure you apply your nematodes as soon as possible for the best results.

Cutworm Killer Nematodes are harmless to humans, pets and wildlife, and safe to apply to edible plants.