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Red Mite Trap / Red Mite Detection System - Protect Birds & Poultry (Pack of 5)

What Are Chicken Mites? 

The Red Mite, or Chicken Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) is a nasty parasite of birds; and particularly of poultry and chickens. The mite feeds on the blood of the birds, which causes stress and anaemia. These symptoms can become so severe that they lead to increased pecking, and in some cases, cannibalism. Chickens may also produce a decreased egg yield. Chemical treatments are difficult and largely ineffective as they mostly only target adult mites. 

What Are Red Mite Traps & How Can They Help?

Trap & detect Red Mites with Dragonfli's Red Mite Traps. Red Mites prefer dark, narrow hiding places and will crawl into the trap tubes at night. The next morning you will immediately be able to identify whether there is a Red Mite infestation within your poultry coop or bird enclosure.

How Do I Apply The Red Mite Traps?

1. Secure the tubes, with tie-wraps, under the perch or on the bars of coops where the birds or chickens are located. Place the tubes as close as possible to the birds' sleeping area. The tubes may also be placed within the nests or night shelter of the birds.

2. Check the cardboard in the tube for red mites weekly. Replace cardboard if necessary.

3. The number of red mites you locate will determine the optimal follow-up strategy.

When Should I Use The Red Mite Traps?

It is best to ensure you have Red Mite Traps active all year round. This will enable you to consistently detect the presence of Red Mites at an early stage in the infestation which will minimise the risk to your birds and provide you with a greater chance of gaining control over the pest. 

Use Red Mite Traps With Androlis For Perfect Poultry Protection

Red Mite Traps should be used in combination with our Androlis predatory mites for optimal control of the Red Mites and maximum protection for your Poultry and Birds. 

Uncover infestations with the traps and eradicate infestations with the predators.