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NemAssist - Nematode Additive: Improve Nematode Applications On Leaves

Enhance Foliar Nematode Applications

NemAssist is a natural additive specifically formulated to aid beneficial nematode applications on leaves. The composition of NemAssist enables nematodes to stick, survive and spread over treated plants, increasing the potential for control over insect pests.

NemAssist ensures that the nematodes you apply are provided with the perfect platform to thrive and combat the relevant pests infesting your plants.

Help Nematodes Survive Longer On Plants

NemAssist is an adjuvant that contains a natural sticking agent which helps your nematodes stay located on the target treatment area when they are applied. This ensures that the nematodes remain on the leaves of infested plants and are more likely to reach pest targets.

Improve Nematode Coverage

The natural adjuvant contained within NemAssist also acts as a spreading agent for the nematodes. This enables nematodes to more easily distribute themselves over the surface area of leaves and plants in search of insect pests.

NemAssist Consists Of Natural Ingredients 

NemAssist is made from natural vegetable oil.

How Much NemAssist Do I Need?

NemAssist is supplied in units of 100ml. The recommended rate of use is to apply 1.5-2.5ml to 1litre of nematode concentrate solution.

Where Should I Use NemAssist?

NemAssist is ideal for use when applying nematodes to the leaves of plants, tree trunks, or plant foliage.

When Should I Apply NemAssist?

Apply NemAssist on overcast days, or during rainfall. Do not use in high temperatures or bright sunlight. 

Use Nemassit To Improve Distribution Of A Wide Range Of Our Nematodes

Nemassist will bolster the speed in which certain nematodes are able to reach their intended pests within the soil or compost. NemAssist can be used most effectively with the following nematode packs:

- Asparagus Beetle Killer Nematodes

- Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes

Caterpillar Killer Nematodes

Codling Moth Killer Nematodes

Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes

Plum Fruit Moth Killer Nematodes

- Viburnum Beetle Killer Nematodes

Can I Store NemAssist?

Nemassist can be safely stored for later use for up to 2-3 years.

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