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Ladybird Larvae Cotton Application Bag

Our Cotton Bags Are Specially Designed To Ensure Effective Application Of Ladybird Larvae To Plants

Our Cotton Application Bags have been designed specifically to enable easy application of Ladybird Larvae to Aphid infested plants.

The bags also act as a breeding site for the larvae, so by utilising our cotton bags you are boosting the number of available predators and as enhancing your treatment.

Where Should I Use Hang The Cotton Application Bags?

The bags should be utilised to release the Ladybird larvae in Aphid hotspots and are the ideal applicators when applying the larvae to trees or shrubs. 

The bags are perfectly suited for use in areas where normal distribution of our Ladybird Larvae is more difficult, for example; on trees, large plants, or plants with small leaves. The Cotton Application Bag therefore offers an easy way to apply your beneficial insects to infected plants that may otherwise have been more difficult to treat.

How Do I Apply The Ladybird Larvae To The Bags?

Simply pour the Ladybird larvae into the cotton bag, hang it on the desired plant, and leave the bag open for the larvae to make their way out naturally. See our photos within the product image gallery of the hanging cotton bags as a guide.

How Many Cotton Application Bags Do I Need?

We advise use of one Cotton Application Bag per infested plant.

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Mrs Harvey

Worked as advertised.


Seems good quality, does the job