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Leatherjacket Control & Recovery Bundle: Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes + Lawn Grub Repair Boost


Control Leatherjackets & Reinvigorate Your Lawn With Our Leatherjacket Control & Recovery Bundle

The Dragonfli Leatherjacket Control & Recovery Bundle provides the perfect remedy to Leatherjacket Infestations by including a solution for the pest and the pest damage. Our brilliant Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes will kill the Leatherjacket pests, while the Lawn Grub Repair Boost can be applied to recover and renew growth in lawns harmed by the Leatherjackets.

The bundle provides a perfect natural solution and recovery strategy for Leatherjacket infestations and will help you to keep your lawns healthy throughout the Leatherjacket pest season.

The Leatherjacket Control & Recovery Bundle includes:

  • 1 Pack of Our Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes to be sprayed or watered into your lawns.
  • 1 Lawn Grub Repair Boost bottle. This natural biostimulant will aid the recovery of your damaged lawn.

Select From Two Bundle Options

There are two Leatherjacket Control & Recovery Bundle options available, whereby you can select to receive either:

- 50sqm Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes + 500ml Lawn Grub Repair Boost

- 100sqm Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes + 1 Litre Lawn Grub Repair Boost

What Are Leatherjackets? 

Leatherjackets are the larvae of Crane Flies, otherwise known as the Daddy Long Legs. These larvae cause damage to lawns by feeding on grass roots. This can lead to yellowing of the grass and patchy areas of lawn. Lawns will also suffer secondary damage when Leatherjackets are present, as animals such as badgers, or birds will attempt to feed on the larvae; and will rip up areas of lawn in the process.

How Do I Treat My Leatherjacket Infestation Using This Bundle?

1. First, use our Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes:

Nematodes can be used as an effective form of biological control against Leatherjackets. The most effective species of nematode for Leatherjacket control is the Steinernema species which is contained within our Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes. Apply these nematodes as soon as Leatherjackets are observed in the soil, and water, or spray the nematodes into your lawn.

You may also wish to consider supplementing your bundle with our Nema Super Sprayer which will ensure effective application of the nematodes.

2. Next, apply our Lawn Grub Repair Boost:

Lawn Grub Repair Boost can be applied after successful nematode treatment to help you recover your lawns from sustained damage. Lawn Grub Repair Boost will ensure:

  • Stronger root growth
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased grass growth above ground
  • Improved microbial soil life around the roots
  • Provides lawn with greater resistance to diseases 
  • Aids establishment of newly seeded lawns

Lawn Grub Repair Boost can also be applied before, or in combination with, the Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes depending on your personal preference.

When Should I Start Using This Bundle?

For optimum control over Leatherjackets, we advise using two applications of nematodes each year, once in the spring and once in the summer. You should closely monitor soil temperatures and the presence of the adult Crane Flies (Daddy Long Legs) to time these applications. 

Spring Applications

Leatherjackets overwinter in the soil and can be present from February, or even earlier in certain weather conditions. We recommend applying nematodes in the spring when Leatherjackets have been observed in the soil, and soil temperatures are above 10℃. As a very general rule, with such varying weather in the UK, this will be normally be between February to April. Ideally utilise a soil thermometer to accurately gauge this, as soil temperatures are different to air temperatures.

Summer Applications

We advise a summer application based on the presence of the adult Crane Flies (Daddy Long Legs). You should apply your summer treatment approximately 10-14 days after seeing the adult crane flies emerge from soil. This should make applications most effective. This treatment should be applied usually between late August to early September. Summer applications are most effective as the soil is warmer which provides better conditions for the nematodes to locate the Leatherjackets.

Individual Product Instructions:

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes click here.

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Lawn Grub Repair Boost click here.

Full application instructions will also be provided for each product with your order