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Dragonfli Insect House - Habitat Hotel For Solitary Bees & Beneficial Insects

House A Variety Of Beneficial Insects & Bees In Our New Insect House

Provide a habitat for an array of the vitally important insects and solitary bees active in your garden. Dragonfli's new Insect House will offer beneficial insects and solitary bees the perfect nesting and overwintering facility.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for Bees and other insects
  • Provides an ideal nesting and wintering habitat for all manner of beneficial bugs
  • Supplied with a handy hanging hook, enabling placement in a variety of locations

House Beneficial Insects From Dragonfli

The slot logs and the holes within the Insect House provide homes for beneficial insects such as those we supply here at Dragonfli. Provide your Ladybirds and Lacewings a home when acquiring them to fend off your pest infestations!

Provide Valuable Solitary Bee Pollinators A Home For Years To Come

Our Insect Houses can provide a lovely residency for tenancy seeking Solitary Bees! The newly housed Solitary Bees will then proceed to provide valuable pollination in your garden and the local area. The Bees will be able to lay eggs and develop in the Insect House for years to come, and will provide you with that welcome buzz for the coming season.

House A Variety Of Solitary Bee Species

Our Insect House provides a fair amount of nesting tubes for Solitary Bees to seed and develop in. The tubes are constructed in different sizes to attract alternate species of Solitary Bees. Each hole or tube could house between 1-6 bees per tube each year.

Sliding Tubes Enable Ability To Harvest Solitary Bees

The Solitary Bee nesting tubes can be slid in and out, allowing you to easily harvest Solitary Bee cocoons.

It is recommended that these Solitary Bee tubes are cleaned or replaced every few years to prevent the build up of parasites and disease.

Made From Environmentally Friendly Materials

The Insect House is made from natural and sustainable materials. It is constructed with a mixture of pinewood, bamboo & plywood. The natural wood is combined with dynamic red and black colouring which makes the house a wonderful feature for gardens.

Where Should I Place The House?

The house should be ideally be sited facing south - south east,

What Size Is The Hotel?

The exact house measurements in centimetres: 13.6 x D 8.1 x H 26.2

What Does The Insect House Weigh?

The house weighs 0.444 kg.

    Customer Reviews

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    David Alderson
    Nice house I hope ……

    Well made enough for a garden and I hope we fart it full of bugs in the not too distant future. Maybe even the ladybirds will either inhabit or see it as a hotel for even a night or two regularly.