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Crispy's - Nutritious Dried Insect Feed For Birds & Hedgehogs


What Are Crispy's?

Crispy's are dried larvae insect food. They are specifically the larvae of the Black Soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), sometimes known as Calci worms. They offer a 100% natural food source for wild birds and hedgehogs. Crispy's are high in protein, fat, amino acids and calcium which makes them the ideal natural food to feed wild birds and hedgehogs.

Feed Hedgehogs & Local Bird Populations 

Insects make up a large percentage of a birds diet and Crispy's will help support surrounding bird populations, providing them with the key nutrients to flourish. A wide variety of bird species have been spotted feeding on Crispy's so look out for them on your bird feeders! Hedgehogs have also been seen enjoying Crispy's and can be fed daily as part of a healthy diet.

High In Protein, Amino Acids & Calcium 

Crispy's are high in protein, amino acids and calcium which will provide birds and hedgehogs with the energy they need to thrive. Crispy's will in turn support strong bone growth, and also aid in the development of feathers and eggs.

Crispy's are ideal for winter feeding and supporting wildlife when food sources are scarce and weather conditions are challenging.

Crispy's Contain 50x More Calcium Than Mealworms & (Unlike Mealworms) Are Safe For Hedgehogs To Eat

Crispy's contain up to 50 times more calcium than ordinary Mealworms. They also have a well balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, essential for hedgehog health. The healthy balance of calcium and phosphorus in Crispy's means that, unlike mealworms, they are perfectly safe for hedgehogs to eat.

This safety assured food source filled with high levels of calcium, fat and protein makes Crispy's the most nutritious and tasty meal available to purchase for Hedgehogs.

How Do I Feed Crispy's To Wild Birds & Hedgehogs?

Crispy's can be fed straight or mixed with any seed blend.

Crispy's can be positioned in feeders, bird tables and ground feeding methods.

How Much Crispy's Should I Use?

A handful of Crispy's per day contributes to the general health of your garden animals.