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Cockroach Attractant Trap


What Are Cockroaches & What Risks Do They Pose?

Cockroaches often carry a variety of diseases and exposure to such a pest can pose a significant health risk. 

Cockroaches have the potential to transmit diseases to humans such as; food poisoning, Roundworms, Tapeworms, dysentery, viruses, Fungi, allergies, asthma and eczema.

How Do I Identify A Cockroach Infestation?

If you have identified Cockroaches, which are black or brown in colouring, it is important to act as speedily as possible in treating such an infestation. 

If you have not been able to physically identify a cockroach, there are still a variety of indicators that can be used to recognise an infestation. Signs of cockroaches can be apparent in an unpleasant odour that may be lingering in store cupboards, under sinks or behind appliances. 

You may also be able to identify the shed skins of cockroaches, or irregular, brown coloured smear marks on surfaces where they have been present. Cockroach droppings may also be identified which are cylindrical and of a black/brown colouring.

How Does This Trap Help Combat Cockroaches?

Our Cockroach Attractant Trap offers a safe and natural way to trap and catch Cockroaches. This is an effective way of monitoring Cockroach populations whilst also reducing their numbers. 

The trap is made from high quality cardboard, and utilises specially designed entry ramps to guide the Cockroaches onto the sticky surface within the trap.

The trap has a discrete design and will not look unattractive in a domestic setting.

An attractant tablet is placed on the sticky surface inside the trap. This lures Cockroaches to the traps where they are then caught on the sticky surface inside the trap. 

Our trap is highly effective, insecticide free and non-toxic.

Which Cockroach Species Does The Trap Catch?

This trap is highly effective at catching four specific Cockroach species, all commonly identified in homes and gardens.

The trap will catch:

  • The Australian Cockroach
  • The American Cockroach
  • The German Cockroach
  • The Oriental Cockroach

The attractant will also lure and trap a variety of other crawling insect pests.

How Do I Set Up The Trap?

Our traps are very simple to assemble. First, peel off the paper from the sticky base. Next, remove the attractant tablet from its foil sachet and place it in the centre of the trap. Finally, fold the trap together and raise the ends to make a 45° angle.

Place the trap in your desired location, ideally where there has been recent Cockroach activity, or where you would expect there to be Cockroach activity.

Where Should I Place The Trap?

The traps can be placed easily under equipment, fridges, furniture, on plant benches or floors.

To prevent further potential Cockroach activity, ensure domestic areas are cleaned on a regular basis.

When Should I Use The Trap?

Cockroaches can be active all year round at indoor temperatures, so set up the traps whenever you wish to control your infestations.

How Many Traps Do I Need?

One trap is sufficient for one particular infestation area. To cover larger areas we suggest one trap every 25m2.

How Long Do The Traps Last?

Check the trap on a regular basis for Cockroaches. The trap will need replacing after 6-8 weeks. The trap will also need disposing of and replacing when it is full of Cockroaches.

Can I Store The Traps?

Unopened traps can be stored in a cool, dry place for about 2 years.