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Citripar Mealybug Killer

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What Are Mealybugs?

Mealybugs are a serious pest of many plants and crops, especially ornamental crops and plant collections. They get their name because female Mealybugs are covered in a white waxy material. Underneath this layer, they are often pink or yellow. 

Mealybugs are sapsuckers and will extract large amounts of sap from plants, which causes stunted growth and yellowing of leaves. They also produce large amounts of honeydew and leave large residues on plants. This residue will then grow mold and is very unsightly. Mealybug damage can also reduce photosynthesis in leaves leading to reduced flowering and less yield for fruiting plants. 

What Are Citripar Wasps & How Can They Help?

There are two common species of Mealybug, the Citrus Mealybug (Planoccus citri) and the Vine Mealybug (Planocccus ficus). Both these species can be treated with the tiny parasitic wasp: Anagyrus vladimiriwhich is contained in Citripar Mealybug Killer. This parasite searches out and locates mealybugs, parasitising them by laying an egg in the Mealybug. The egg then develops inside the mealybug host, killing the Mealybug. A new Anagyrus vladimiri then emerges through a hole in the dead mealybug, ready to locate and parasitise more Mealybugs.

When Should I Apply Citripar?

Introduce the parasites once Citrus, or Vine, Mealybugs are observed . If possible, use alongside Cryptolaemus Mealybug Killer Predator Adults or Larvae.

Where Should I Apply Citripar?

Citripar parasitic wasps are best suited for use in greenhouses, conservatories or in other heated areas.

How Do I Apply Citripar?

Open the bottle and remove the lid. Hang the bottle horizontally as near as possible to the Mealybug infestation. Tie the bottle to a branch, or stem, using the label provided on the bottle.

Leave the bottle in situ for 2 weeks

What Conditions Do Citripar Wasps Require?

Citripar can be used between temperatures of 14-38℃ The optimum temperature being 25℃.

How Many Citripar Wasps Do I Need?

One unit of Citripar Mealybug Killer contains 500 parasitic wasps

One bottle will treat an area up to 500m2.

Apply 1-2 times, with an interval of 2 weeks. 

Chemical Pesticides

Anagyrus vladimiri is a living creature and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a general guide, refrain from using Natural Pyrethrum or SB Plant Invigorator 2 days prior to use. Other chemical insecticides can have long lasting residues that could harm Anagyrus vladimiri and other parasites, or predators, for much longer periods. Refrain from using these products or check with Dragonfli for information on the effect of these products on our predators.