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Carrot Root Fly Nematodes & Trap Bundle

Take Advantage Of Our Carrot Root Fly Nematodes & Trap Bundle & Enjoy An Overall Discount On Our Two Best Carrot Fly Controls

The Carrot Root Fly Nematodes & Trap Bundle provides the perfect solution to Carrot Root Fly Larvae and Carrot Root Fly Adult infestations. Our Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematodes will kill the larval stage of the pest, whilst the Carrot Root Fly Trap catches and kills the adult flies.

The bundle provides a perfect natural solution to your Carrot Root Fly larvae & adult Carrot Root Fly infestations and will help you to combat larger, or multiple, areas of infestations. 

The Carrot Root Fly Nematodes & Trap Bundle includes:

  • 1 50m2 pack of our Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematodes to be watered into the soil or raised beds of the infested carrot crop.
  • 1 Carrot Root Fly Trap to catch and kill adult Carrot Root Flies. 

What Are Carrot Root Flies?

The Carrot Root Fly (Psila rosae) can be a severe pest to Carrot crops. Adult Carrot Root Fly emerge from pupae in the soil from April and will then lay fresh eggs. Those eggs will hatch into creamy coloured larvae after about 7 days, depending on the weather. The larvae will move through the soil to the Carrot plants and start feeding on the roots, eventually burrowing into the Carrot roots forming mines. The first symptoms are a reddening of the Carrot leaves, which start to wiltThe larvae will leave carrots with extensive damage and disfiguration

How Do I Treat My Carrot Root Fly Infestation Using This Bundle?

1. Firstly, use our Carrot Root Fly Traps:

The first step in protecting your carrot crop is to set up your Carrot Root Fly Trap. This will assist you in catching, monitoring and killing adult Carrot Root Flies. Once these adult flies are observed, it is likely that the Carrot Root Fly larvae will follow a few weeks later. By pre-empting their activity, and reducing fly numbers, you will have a greater chance of limiting a severe infestation. Fly mating and egg laying will also be reduced as a result.

2. Next, apply our Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematodes:

Nematodes can be used as an effective form of biological control against the larval stage of Carrot Root Fly. The most successful species of nematode for Carrot Root Fly control is the Steinernema species, which is contained within our Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematode pack. Apply these nematodes as soon as adult Carrot Root Fly are observed and water them into the soil or raised beds of the infested carrot crop.

You may wish to consider supplementing your bundle with our Nema Super Sprayer if you are seeking an easier method of applying your nematodes. The Nema Super Sprayer can be found here.

When Should I Start Using My Bundle?

There are normally two generations of Carrot Root fly a year. For best results apply the trap and Carrot Root Fly Killer nematodes from May to June and August to October. 

Individual Product Instructions:

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Carrot Root Fly Killer Nematodes click here.

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Carrot Root Fly Traps click here.

Full application instructions will also be provided for each product with your order.