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Androlis Coop Clip Holder

Use Our Coop Clip Holders To Easily Apply Your Androlis Mites

The Androlis Coop Clip Holder can be used as a slow release housing for the predatory mites and is a perfect tool to help you apply your Androlis mites against Poultry Red Mite infestations. The holder can be nailed into surfaces, allowing you to apply Androlis mites from raised platforms or areas otherwise inaccessible and difficult to reach when trying to sprinkle the mites.

How Do I Use The Coop Clip Holder?

A medium sized bottle of Androlis can be slotted into these Clip Holders. Attach the Coop Clip in the chicken house and then simply push out the middle section of the red lid (from the inside, as pictured in the image gallery) so the Androlis bottle fits in the dispenser. 

Where Should I Use The Coop Clip Holder?

The Clip Holders can be nailed into any suitable surface. The holder will be typically handy when nailed into a wooden chicken coop, for instance. They are also ideal for placing in or near areas that are difficult to reach when trying to sprinkle the mites.

How Many Coop Clip Holders Do I Need?

Each Clip Holder can fit one medium sized Androlis bottle.

One bottle of Androlis will treat roughly 10 birds.

You can find our medium sized Androlis mites here.

Consider Our Mite Dispenser Tubes If Wishing To Add Further Flexibility To Androlis Applications

Our Mite Booster Dispenser Tubes are another useful tool for applying predatory mites to areas that can be difficult to reach with sprinkler bottles, or tubs, of our predators. The Mite Booster Dispenser Tubes can be used in the application of Taurrus predatory mites for snake mite control, as well as Androlis predatory mites for chicken mite control, when applying to chicken coops and aviaries. 

Find our mite dispenser tubes here.