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Dragonfli Ladybird Hotel - Hotels Available In 3 Different Colours


Provide A Home For Ladybirds, One Of Nature's Most Valuable Insects

Ladybirds are one of the most popular insects due to their distinctive colouring and endearing features, yet they are also one of nature's most valuable insects. One Ladybird will consume approximately 100 Aphids per day, which makes them worthy of some appropriate accommodation in your garden!

Designed Specifically To Protect Ladybirds From Predators & Harsh Weather Conditions 

The Dragonfli Ladybird Hotel has been designed to allow ladybirds to shelter whilst keeping out other likely inhabitants, or common Ladybird predators such as Birds, Frogs, Spiders & Dragonflies, while the four elongated horizontal notches enable easy access for the Ladybirds to enter and return to their new home.

Ladybirds often hibernate in groups so it is advisable to put some leaves, or a corrugated cardboard roll, inside to make them feel at home. 

Key Benefits:

  • Available in three different colours: dark green, mint green & bright green
  • Hotels equipped with suspension eyes for easy mounting 
  • Attractive design painted in beautiful shades of green
  • Easy to clean via the openable backdoor 
  • A habitat suitable for groups of Ladybirds

Unique Design Benefits

The front of the hotel features four tube like notches allowing easy access for the Ladybirds. The rear of the hotel has been designed with a door that can be opened if you wishing to clean the hotel, inspect your Ladybird residents, or fill the hotel with favoured Ladybird furniture such as twigs and leaves.

Groovy Green Design Colour Options

The Dragonfli Ladybird Hotel is available to purchase in three different colour options, or as a bundle including all three colours. The colour design options are as follows:

- Dark Green

- Mint Green

- Bright Green

Easy To Clean

If wishing to give your Ladybird Hotel a clean up, this is made easy with the openable back door.

If cleaning, however, please ensure to be careful with the use of any chemicals / soaps as these may have harmful impacts on any Ladybirds lodging or looking to lodge within. 

Please check with Dragonfli for more information on the effects of any chemical cleaning agents on Ladybirds.

Made From Environmentally Friendly Materials

The Ladybird Hotels are made from natural and sustainable materials. They are constructed with a mixture of pinewood & plywood. The natural wood is combined with three alternate green paint colourings which makes the hotels wonderful features for UK gardens.

Where Should I Place The Hotel?

It is best to place the Ladybird Hotel at 30 to 60 centimetres from the ground in an area of proximity to plants and ideally Aphid populations.

What Size Is The Hotel?

The exact measurements of each hotel in centimetres are L 15.7 x D 14.3 x H 21.2

What Does The Ladybird Hotel Weigh?

Each hotel weighs 0.472 kg.

These Hotels Have Been Designed Specifically As A Ladybird Habitat, Please See Our Insect House If Looking To House Bees & Other Insects