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Silver Y Moth Pheromone Trap

What Are Silver Y Moths?

Silver Y Moths (Autographa gamma) are brownish grey with an irregular white marking. They fly from plant to plant and are often observed sitting on leaves with their wings folded back. Females can lay up to 2,000 eggs. The eggs are round and flat, and of grey to white colouring. After 10-14 days caterpillars will hatch from the eggs. The caterpillars are green, with a light coloured stripe, nocturnal, and have a looping way of moving. 

Plant damage is caused by this caterpillar stage of the Silver Y Moth life cycle. The caterpillars will attack greenhouse grown plants and outdoor crops, such as Peas and Beans. The growing points on plants are often damaged and sometimes leaves can become skeletonised after caterpillar feeding. Damage to Pea and Bean pods can be severe and result in an unsuccessful yield. The caterpillars will also leave frass on plants.

How Does This Trap Help Combat Silver Y Moths?

Our Silver Y Moth trap will catch adult Silver Y Moths by attracting them into the trap using a species specific pheromone lure. This long-life lure will bait and catch the male moths. The moths detect the pheromone and fly into the trap expecting a female Silver Y Moth to be present. Once the moths have flown into the trap they hit the plastic vanes and drop down into the trap, which they cannot escape from.

Moth mating and egg laying will be reduced as a result, and future generations of caterpillars will be prevented from developing. Moth populations can also be monitored through this trap which will help provide you with an early warning as to their activity

How Do I Set Up The Lure Inside The Trap?

The attractant lure supplied should be placed into the green cage provided with the black top facing upwards. This will release the attractant gradually over a number of weeks. See attached pictures for guidance. 

Full instructions on how to set up the trap are provided on delivery.

When Should I Use My Traps?

Silver Y Moth traps should be hung from your trees with the lure from May onwards

When Will I Need To Replace My Trap?

The trap can be used for years and replacement lures can be purchased for additional coverage. The lures are designed to last an entire Silver Y Moth flying season. A replacement pack of trap parts is also available to purchase here.

Each trap comes with one long life pheromone lure. If the lure has lost effectiveness, replacement lures can be purchased separately here.

Additional lures may be stored in a fridge or freezer.

Gain Complete Control By Also Applying Our Caterpillar Killer Nematodes

If Silver Y Moth caterpillars do develop, nematodes can be used in combination with our pheromone traps to attack each stage of the life cycle. Our most effective treatment, Caterpillar Killer Nematodes can be found here.