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Dragonfli Pheromone Trap Extras Kit - Replacement Components


Replace Lost Or Damaged Dragonfli Pheromone Trap Components With Our Extras Kit

Dragonfli Pheromone Traps are designed to be reused each season, however some of the smaller components can be lost in between seasons when the trap is not in use.

Our Pheromone Trap Extras Kit provides you with the option to reconstruct your traps without having to commit to the purchase of an entirely new trap.

You can also purchase your required individual trap component in packs of 5 by selecting the relevant bundle option. 

The Extras Kit Includes Pieces To Fit A Variety Of Standard Sized Dragonfli Pheromone Traps

The components contained within the Pheromone Trap Extras Kit will fit into a number of our Pheromone Traps. See the compatible traps listed below:

Click on the name of each trap to access the dedicated product pages.

The Extras Kit Enables You To Reconfigure Pheromone Traps & Continue Controlling Pest Infestations

The Dragonfli Pheromone Trap Extras Kit includes the following components:

  • 1 x plastic strap
  • 1 x cage for the pheromone lure 
  • 1 x black cap for the pheromone lure cage
  • 1 x hanging string

You can also purchase each of these components in packs of five by selecting the desired bundle option.

Please note that the Pheromone Trap Extras Kit does not include the bucket, funnel or lid for pheromone traps. You will need to invest in a new trap should you have misplaced either of these parts.

Replacement sticky pads can also already be purchased separately here.

Replacement pheromone lures can all be found in our Pheromone & Attractant Traps section or by visiting the relevant 'Insect Pests' page to the infestation you are looking to control.

Alternatively See Our Large Attractant Trap Extras Kit If Wishing To Replace Parts For Larger Dragonfli Attractant Traps

We have also created a Dragonfli Large Attractant Trap Extras Kit for customers wishing to replace components of larger attractant traps. This kit includes necessary pieces for the construction of the following large traps:

Find the Dragonfli Large Attractant Trap Extras Kit by clicking here.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Scoging

I brought the plastic base cups, as the wind sometimes blows them down and they crack. Theses are not available to buy atm separately but this company put together a special order just for me! Thanks 👍