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Trappit Bed Bug Trap


What Are Bed Bugs & What Risks Do They Pose?

Bed Bugs are small insects that live on furniture or bedding. The most common species to the U.K. is the Cimex lectularius. Bed Bugs have five larval stages before they become adults. The larval, or nymph, stages are a pale, yellow colour. The adults are a reddish-brown colour, wingless, and about the size of an apple seed. Their eggs are oval shaped and white. Adults can lay hundreds of eggs and have up to three generations a year. 

These insects will feed on the blood of animals and humans by making tiny bites on the skin, which often turn itchy.

How Do I Identify A Bed Bug Infestation?

Active infestations may reveal blood spots on bedding. Tiny black marks may also be evident which are the droppings of the pest.

When Bed Bugs are present in high numbers there is often a sweet, musty smell lingering over bedding and furniture.

Where Can I Locate The Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs tend to live in groups and often hide in the day. They can be found in houses, apartments, hotel rooms and sometimes even on public transport.

Check your bedding and mattress, and inspect any cracks or crevices on the bed itself, including the headboard. Established infestations can spread out into carpeting, sofas, chairs and a variety of other hiding areas within the home. It is also worth checking clothing and luggage, as this is often how Bed Bugs are able to transport themselves from one location to another.

How Does The Trappit Bed Bug Trap Help Combat Bed Bugs?

The Trappit Bed Bug trap contains a natural attractant that is mixed with the glue in the trap. Bed Bugs are attracted to the trap and walk onto the glue area where they become caught.

The Trappit Bed Bug Trap can provide an early warning of Bed Bug activity and help reduce adult and nymph numbers.

How Do I Set Up The Traps?

Follow the instructions on the back of the trap for easy assembly. Please note this version of the Trappit Trap is not supplied with an external pheromone, the attractant is already contained within the glue.

Where Should I Set Up The Traps?

Place the traps in a variety of locations such as:

  • On bedroom floors
  • Next to skirting boards
  • Under headboards of beds
  • Under beds
  • In wardrobes

When Should I Use The Trap?

Bed Bugs can be active all year round at indoor temperatures, so set up the traps whenever you wish to control your infestations.

How Many Traps Do I Need? 

Trappit Bed Bug Traps are supplied in a unit of two traps. Select from our varied unit size bundles the number of traps which matches your level of infestation.

How Long Do The Traps Last?

The traps will normally catch bed bugs within 48 hours of being placed out. They should be replaced once a month

Can I Store The Traps?

Unopened traps can be stored in a cool, dry place for about 2 years.

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