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Carnation Tortrix Moth

What Are Carnation Tortrix Moths?

The Carnation Tortrix Moth (Cacoecimorpha pronubna) is found in Africa, The U.S.A. and Europe. The adult moth is brown and relatively small, and the caterpillar larvae is an olive green colour. Female moths can lay a high number of eggs, sometimes up to 700. The moth is often spotted in greenhouses.

Carnation Tortrix Moth Infestation Signs & Symptoms

The caterpillars of Tortrix Moths may wrap leaves around themselves and can damage fruit, such as strawberries, by tunnelling inside the produce. The caterpillars can be identified on a wide variety of plants and may overwinter in greenhouses.

How To Control Carnation Tortrix Moths

The male adult moths can be monitored and caught with our Carnation Tortrix Moth Pheromone Traps. These traps will also help to reduce further mating and egg laying. In greenhouses, our Carnation Tortrix Moth Egg Killer Sachets can be introduced. The sachets contain tiny trichogramma wasps which will parasitise the moth eggs, preventing them from developing into the damaging caterpillars. Tortrix caterpillars that do still develop should be manually removed where possible.