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Thrip Attractant Lure

Highly Effective Lure Attracts Multiple Thrip Species

This highly effective Thrip attractant lure will attract male and female adult Thrips. It will also catch multiple species of Thrip including:

  • Western Flower Thrip
  • Onion Thrip 

The Thrip Attractant Lure is vital for early detection of Thrips. The lure contains a kairomone which is released slowly from the dispenser once opened. The lure will encourage the Thrips towards it, and away from their shelters. 

How Do I Apply The Thrip Attractant Lure?

Peel off the aluminium cover to release the attractant through the uncovered membrane on the lure dispenser.

How Large An Area Does The Lure Cover?

One attractant lure dispenser is enough to cover an area up to 100m2

When Will I Need To Replace The Lure?

The lure should be replaced every 4-5 weeks. 

Use Thrip Attractant Lures With Our Blue Sticky Traps

The lure dispenser can be hung or placed on our Blue Sticky Traps for maximum capture rates of Thrips. Dragonfli Blue Sticky Traps utilise a strong and durable wet-stick which ensures these traps quickly reduce pest populations on your plants, or within your home.

For more information on how to combine use of Thrip Attractant Lures with Blue Sticky Traps please see our dedicated Thrip Trap & Attractant Lure product where you can enjoy applying both the lure and sticky traps in one go.

Combine Use Of The Sticky Traps With Natural Predators For Complete Control Over Infestations

For complete control over Thrip infestations, predatory mites should also be applied to plants. The combined application of Sticky Traps and specialised Thrip biological predators will ensure infestations are more rapidly quelled. See the full range of Dragonfli Thrip biological control products here.