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Fruit Fly Attractant Trap - For Indoor Use (Pack of 3)

What Are Fruit Flies?

Fruit Flies are generally a nuisance pest but can reproduce very quickly in a house environment to produce huge numbers of flies. Bowls of fruit can attract and harbour large populations of Fruit flies and the female Fruit Fly is capable of laying very high numbers of eggs. They are not only attracted to fruit but bins, organic matter and alcohol; such as wine and beer. Any produce that is fermenting will attract the Fruit Flies. Warmer temperatures will also have the effect of increasing Fruit Fly reproduction and population numbers.

How Does This Trap Help Combat Fruit Flies?

To help control and catch these flies, use our Fruit Fly traps. There are several different designs of such traps sold by retailers elsewhere, but it is important to choose a trap that is specifically suitable for indoor use and our trap is just that.

The Indoor Fruit Fly Trap uses an effective lure to attract the Fruit Flies into the trap. This food lure attractant is combined with a sticky trap which will help catch and kill the Fruit Flies.

The Fruit Fly trap is non-toxic, contains no insecticide and is safe to use around children and pets.

How Do I Set Up The Trap?

Our traps are very simple to assemble. First, peel off the protective paper from inside the trap. Next, fold the trap together to form a triangle, as pictured. Finally, secure the trap using the sticky flap at the top.

Where Should I Place My Traps?

Place the trap near a bowl of fruit, where there has been recent Fruit Fly activity, or where you would expect there to be Fruit Fly activity. Ensure the trap is placed on a flat surface.

When Will I Need To Replace My Traps?

The trap will also need disposing of and replacing when it is full of Fruit Flies. 

Can I Store The Traps?

Unopened traps can be stored in a cool, dry place for about 2 years.