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SB Plant Invigorator


Control Pests With SB Plant Invigorator: A Formula Pests Cannot Become Resistant To 

SB Plant Invigorator works via physical action to control a wide range of insect pests including:

Heavy infestations of the above named pests will require more than one application.

If you have opted to use our biological predators to treat these pests, repeated applications of SB Plant Invigorator will harm their development. Try to use SB Plant Invigorator before the introduction of our biological controls, or on areas of the plant where the predators and parasites are not present.

SB Plant Invigorator Stimulates Plant Growth

SB Plant Invigorator contains naturally elements, such as seaweed, and therefore will also act as a biostimulant to stimulate plant growth. SB Plant Invigorator can also control powdery mildew

Key Benefits:

  • Physical mode of pest & mildew control
  • Pests cannot become resistant to SB Plant Invigorator
  • Safe to use on ornamental plants, edible plants & crops
  • No harvest interval
  • Improves leaf colour
  • Excellent shelf life for storage

How Do I Apply SB Plant Invigorator?

The dilution rate is different for the concentrated products but here is a general application rate guide:

- 500ml concentrate: Apply 10ml concentrate to 1 litre of water 

- 1 litre concentrate: Apply 1ml concentrate to 1 litre of water 

SB Plant Invigorator can also be applied optimally as a spray in our Ready To Use unit size or by pouring the concentrate into our House Plant Mister / Trigger Sprayers which you can find by clicking here.

Do not spray on open blooms, or mix with other products. Also avoid spraying in hot conditions to avoid scorch.

SB Plant Invigorator Works Via Physical Action, Not Poison

Here at Dragonfli we advocate for the use of biological controls, and do not condone the use of pesticides, so we feel it is important to emphasise that this product works via a physical action. It is a unique spray in which specifically suffocates pests, rather than poison them, and will leave no harmful residue on the plants after use.

It is also good practice to spray a small area of leaf with SB Plant Invigorator to check if there is any leaf scorch. A few plants may react to the use of SB Plant Invigorator.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Bought the 1ltr concentrate, as I keep running out of the smaller bottles. I've had good results with resolving an aphid infestation in my greenhouse plus the plants appear to be responding well to the foliar feed. Quick delivery too! Thanks.

Brett Bennett
Amazing product

This is excellent, I highly recommend

Angela Wild

Easy to mix and goes a long way. Have only used in greenhouse so far and doing a reasonable job except for very persistent white fly on bacopa and verbena so occasional nasty formular being applied also. Overall very pleased with product and will buy again.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for your comments and for shopping with us. It is great to hear you were happy with the product and have had some success in protecting your greenhouse plants from pest activity.

In terms of the Whitefly problem you are still facing on your bacopa and verbena, I would recommend you try out some of our biological controls. Amblyseius andersoni, for instance, is an effective predator of Whitefly eggs and can be applied now during these colder conditions. When temperatures warm up, try our Encarisa formosa parasitic wasps which will kill Whitefly larvae. Adult Whitefly can also be controlled with the use of our yellow sticky traps; just ensure to set up the traps away from the Encarisa to ensure the wasps are not accidentally caught.

In terms of SB Plant Invigorator, ensure not to apply this in conjunction with our biological controls. When applying the invigorator before the use of the biologicals, ensure good coverage is sprayed over infested plants; particularly under leaves where Whitefly eggs are most commonly located.

I hope this helps and if you ever need any further assistance please just let us know.

Kind regards, Julian Ives [Director, Dragonfli]