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Dragonfli Plant Soap

Plant Soap: A Natural Cleanser For House Plants

Plant Soap is is an ideal tool for combating Mealybugs, Thrips, Aphids, WhitefliesSpider Mites and Scale Insects.

Plant Soap spray consists of 100% natural substances and does not contain any poison. Plant Soap provides an easy and natural way to combat insect pests, without harming plants, bees, birds and mammals.

Plant Soap Combats House Plant Diseases As Well As Pests

Spraying Plant Soap ensures house plant leaves will be cleansed of any lingering honeydew, insect skins, dust or sooty molds.

How Do I Apply The Plant Soap?

Shake well before use. Spray at a distance of 20cm from the leaves, in areas that have been affected by insect pests or diseases. Spray leaves thoroughly so that they are well moistened, ensuring the underside of the leaves are also sprayed.

Avoid spraying onto flowers or fragile plants. Always test one leaf before treating the entire plant.

Combine Use Of Plant Soap & Dragonfli Natural Predators

Plant Soap provides the necessary preparatory treatment for the control of insect pests but you can ensure complete protection by following up your spraying with applications of natural predators.

Dragonfli's predators will get to work immediately, cleaning up leftover areas of infestations that were difficult to reach with the spray. Simply clean the plant with Plant Soap, wait until the liquid has dried completely and then apply the natural predators specific to your infestation.

Please do not spray the Plant Soap directly onto any of the predators as this will be harmful to these beneficial insects.

If you are applying Plant Soap after have applied predators please wait at least 4 weeks before spraying.

If applying the soap before the use of natural predators, predators can be applied as soon as the soap spray has dried.

Which Predators Should I Apply After Using Plant Soap?

Our website contains abundant information on which predators are best to apply against specific infestations and in specific conditions, but to get you started here's a brief guide to which predators are most effective against common house plant pests:

- For Mealybug infestations use Cryptolaemus larvae

- For Thrip infestations use Amblyseius swirskii

- For Aphid infestations use Ladybird larvae

- For Whitefly infestations use Encarsia formosa

- For Spider Mite infestations use Phytoseiulus persimilis

- For Scale Insect infestations use Rhyzobius lophanthae

When Should I Use Plant Soap?

Plant Soap can be used all year round. Use the spray as an effective pre-treatment before applying natural predators.

Where Should I Use Plant Soap?

Spray Plant Soap on houseplants, balcony plants, garden plants or in fruit and vegetable gardens

How Much Plant Soap Do I Need?

Plant Soap is supplied in bottles of 200ml. Use freely over any plants suffering from pests and diseases.

What Is Plant Soap Made Up Of?

Plant Soap consists of 3% black soap, based on olive oil and contains 100% natural ingredients.

The liquid is transparent and may leave white residue on plants.

Can I Store Plant Soap?

Plant Soap can be stored in its concentrated form (frost-free) for up to one year.

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