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What Are Slugs?

Slugs are gastropod molluscs without a shell. There are many different species found in U.K. gardens, some small, some large. They are often referred to as 'The gardeners worst enemy' and often top lists for the most damaging pest in gardens.

Slug Damage & Symptoms

Slugs will consume and feed on many different plants of all ages. Seedlings are particularly vulnerable to attacks from Slugs. Many vegetables and other plants have the potential to be consumed. Potatoes are often made inedible when small grey Slugs find them. The damage is also often only identified when the potatoes are dug up.

How To Control Slugs

Slug Killer Nematodes can be applied to the soil, where they will enter the inside of Slugs and kill them. These nematodes represent a safe, natural and biological control of Slugs. There are also wildlife friendly Slug Killer Pellets which utilise iron as the main ingredient. These pellets are highly effective at controlling Slugs whilst simultaneously not putting the environment or other wildlife at risk.