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Roots & Soil Boost Bundle

Our Roots & Soil Boost Bundle Provides Plants With The Perfect Platform To Flourish

Our Roots & Soil Boost bundle will bolster plant roots in an enhanced and healthy soil, maximising growth.

Roots Boost contains mycorrhizal fungi, a key natural ingredient which helps promote the growth of a strong root system. Soil Boost also contains natural stimulants which improve the microbial life within soils and acts as a slow release fertiliser. This bundle will therefore allow plants to thrive, and recover from sustained damage, with strengthened roots thriving in enhanced soil conditions. 

The Roots & Soil Boost Bundle includes:

  • 1kg Pack of Roots Boost to be sprinkled into the soil when planting or transplanting your plants
  • 1kg Pack of Soil Boost to sprinkled over the soil surface as a top dressing

Information On Roots Boost:

Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi Is The Ultimate Planting Aid

Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi is a natural, granular, microbe-based, planting aid. It has been specifically designed to ensure successful planting, and transplanting, of plants, trees, shrubs and turf.

Roots Boost includes 18 species of Endo, and Ecto, Mycorrhiza with added microbes and biostimulants; combining all the ingredients necessary to ensure it offers the ultimate planting aid. Our unique blend comes in a re-sealable pouch for storage and convenience. 

The benefits of Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi include:

  • Early root establishment
  • Increased root growth
  • Efficient plant uptake of nutrients (reducing the need for fertilisers)
  • Increased plant water uptake
  • Improved plant drought resistance 
  • Increased plant suppression of soil-borne diseases
  • Increased plant health and vigour 
  • Increased plant survival rates after planting and transplanting

Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefits Nearly All Plants

When applied during planting, or transplanting, Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi is hugely beneficial for nearly all plants including bulbs. It is particularly highly regarded for aiding Roses, for instance, but with such wide ranging benefits it is great for nearly all plants.

The few exceptions to the benefits of Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi are: Azaleas, Brassicas, Rhododendrons and Heather.

How Do I Apply Roots Boost?

Mycorrhiza is applied when planting, or transplanting, your plants. Simply apply at the designated rates detailed below, and ensure the Mycorrhiza is in contact with the respective plant roots. The recommended application rates for Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi are as follows:

Apply Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi at a general rate of 35g per square metre.

- 1kg of Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi will treat: 60 Rose plants, small trees or shrubs

Can I Store Roots Boost?

Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi can be stored in our resealable pouches, or buckets. In cool, dry conditions Roots Boost can be stored for up to a year.

Information On Soil Boost:

Soil Boost Helps Plants Absorb More Nutrients

Soil Boost releases nutrients gradually in a balanced way to aid plant development by improving the quality of the soil your plants are embedded in. This organic fertiliser will enable greater mineralisation, whereby plants can absorb more nutrients. This will also minimise leaching; where there is a loss of water-soluble plant nutrients.

Soil Boost Will Also Build Plant Resistance To Diseases

This natural soil improver also promotes biological life in soil and compost. This contributes to the growth of disease-suppressing fungi, especially around the root system. The development of such fungi will help your plants build greater disease resistance.

Key Benefits:

  • Soil improver and conditioner
  • Promotes biological life in soil
  • Slow release organic fertiliser
  • Plant based composition
  • Contains NPK (7.5: 4:2)
  • Restores natural balance of soil
  • Stimulates natural fungi 
  • Helps build disease resistance 
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake

How Do I Apply Soil Boost?

Apply Soil Boost as a top dressing in the Spring or Autumn. It can also be incorporated into the soil or compost. 

The recommended application rates for Soil Boost are:

- 20g of Soil Boost per plant 

- 40g per m2 

- 1kg per cubic metre of soil

What Is Soil Boost Made Up Of?

Soil Boost is made from natural, plant-based, raw materials, and supplied in a pellet form. The nitrogen in Soil Boost is also plant based. The active ingredients include Legumes, Maize and Seaweeds.  

Can I Store Soil Boost?

Soil Boost can be stored in our resealable pouches. In cool, dry conditions Soil Boost can be stored for up to a year.