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Mycorrhizal Fungi

Improve Plant Growth & Increase Nutrient Uptake With Roots Boost

Our Roots Boost Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules improve plant growth and health. The Mycorrhiza fungi ingredients will form a symbiotic relationship with plants, whereby plants will be able to increase rooting and absorb more food and nutrients. By having a healthier root mass the plant is also able to absorb more moisture and water. This is especially valuable for plants grown in pots and containers, as it helps the plants survive drier conditions and under-watering.

Help Your Plants Establish Soon After Planting

Roots Boost also contains biostimulants which promote plant growth and health. These biostimulants are vital in helping plants to establish soon after planting, and this is especially valuable if you are planting in weak soils where the nutrient content is low. Roots Boost also contains additional microbes which improve plants use of nutrients and will help your plants compete with pathogens.