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What are Leafhoppers?

Leafhoppers are sap sucking bugs. There are many species in the U.K. but the most troublesome is the Glasshouse Leafhopper [ Hauptidia maroccana ]. The adults are small and a pale yellow colour. They will fly or jump up when disturbed.

Leafhopper Damage & Symptoms

Leafhoppers extract sap and leave silver mottling feeding marks on leaves which can disfigure them. Adults will also shed their skins on plants which can easily be mistaken for Aphid skins. Plants such as mint are very frequently attacked by Leafhoppers.

How To Control Leafhoppers

Place Yellow Sticky Traps near plants growing in greenhouses where Leafhoppers are present, these will catch some of the adults. Lacewing larvae are also known to feed on Leafhoppers.