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Lawn Health

Lawns provide important recreational areas in gardens and parks, provide a surface for sports activities, and enable people to simply enjoy wide, green open spaces. The health of lawns is not guaranteed, however, as adverse weather conditions, soil types, lack of nutrition and lawn pests can hamper the appearance and growth of various lawns.

The establishment of newly laid turf, or seeding lawns, can benefit by the addition of natural biostimulants, such as fungi and bacteria, to boost root development and top growth. The Dragonfli Lawn Health range will help lawns establish by providing supplements to ensure the growth of healthy and efficient root systems. Healthy roots can absorb more water, reduce potential lawn damage from drought conditions, and also make more efficient use of any nutrition in the soil, reducing the need for additional fertilisers.

Lawn pests, such as Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets, damage lawns by eating on the roots. The presence of these pests also attracts birds and badgers to prey on them. This will cause further damage to lawns, as the animals will dig up the turf in seeking for the pests. Dragonfli nematode treatments will reduce the insect pest levels in lawns, which in turn reduces the attention of birds and badgers, and further alleviates potential for damage.