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Glasshouse Thrips

What Are Glasshouse Thrips?

Glasshouse Thrips [ Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis ] are a pest of ornamental plants in glasshouses and can be found on some shrubs outside such as Viburnum. They are dark in colour and have larger larvae than other thrip species such as the Western Flower Thrip, or the Onion Thrip. There are also similar species to the Glasshouse Thrip, such as Banded Glasshouse Thrips and Palm Thrips, that can cause similar damage and closely resemble this species in appearance. 

Glasshouse Thrip Damage & Symptoms

The damage caused by Glasshouse Thrips can be quite severe. Leaves are targeted and damage can appear in large areas of discoloration, often showing as silver scarring on the leaves. Small black droplets of faeces may also be seen on leaves. Indoor grown shrubs and ferns can be especially damaged.

How To Control Glasshouse Thrips

The predatory mites used to control other species, like Western Flower Thrip, are not effective against this species of Thrip, as the larvae are too large for predatory mites to feed on and control. At the first sign of Glasshouse Thrips remove any damaged leaves where possible, then place Green Sticky Traps as close as possible to areas of infestation to catch adult Thrips. Introduce Lacewing larvae directly onto leaves or pour them into Dragonfli Distribution Boxes and hang close to Thrip infestation.