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Biological Control Starter Pack

Begin Your Biological Control Journey With Our Biological Control Starter Pack

If you are just beginning to combat pests in a natural way, without the use of chemical insecticides, our Biological Control Starter Pack is perfect for you. The pack includes two different packs of yellow sticky traps, 'A Gardener's Guide To Biological Pest Control' by Dragonfli's own founder, Julian Ives, and a hand lens to help you track and identify caught pests.

Enjoy An Overall Discount On The Products Included 

The Biological Control Starter Pack will provide you with the perfect start as you seek to control pest infestations and includes a hand lens to help you identify individual insect pests attacks early on. This bundle will also give you an overall discount on the products included. 

The Biological Control Starter Pack Contains All The Essential Ingredients To Begin Effective & Informed Control Of Insect Pests 

The Biological Control Starter Pack has been put together to ensure you are prepared for effective control of a variety of insect pests going forward. Here is some information on each of the products included and why they each enable you to begin controlling pests in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

The Biological Control Starter Pack Includes:

Mini Tulip Sticky Traps (Pack Of 5)

Our Mini Tulip Sticky Traps can be easily pushed into the compost of plant pots and containers. The traps are perfectly suited to protecting plants growing on window sills, individual plants in pots, and for plants and cuttings at propagation stage.

These mini sticky traps are designed in a charming tulip shape so you are left with a subtle, tasteful and natural looking sticky trap for the pest control of your house plant collections. The traps are capable of catching hundreds of insect pests at a time.

Eco Sticky Insect Traps (Pack Of 5)

Our Eco Sticky Insect Traps are ideal for catching and monitoring levels of flying insect pests. Black grids are printed on the yellow sticky trap so the number of insects caught can easily be counted and compared with previous catches. These traps provide a highly useful method of identifying whether the pest population is increasing or declining.

Each trap contains four release papers. This means that each individual trap can be used four times! This can be achieved by peeling back one section of paper to reveal the glue trapping area beneath. Once this is full of insects another section of the trap can be used as you pull off another release paper.

'A Gardener's Guide To Biological Control' Book

Our very own Dragonfli founder, Julian Ives, provides expert, yet accessible, analysis which will guide you through the easiest and most effective application processes, the best predators to use for each pest, and some fascinating insights into the wonderful world of natural predators.

Find out all you need to know about the various biological controls sold at Dragonfli. Reap the rewards of improved understanding and enjoy more successful applications resulting in more effective pest control!

Koppert Hand Lens

The Koppert Hand Lens is used by professional growers around the world to quickly identify Spider Mite infestations and monitor the progress of predatory mites used to control them. It provides an essential monitoring tool in the battle against many small insect pests.