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Bruchid Beetle

What Are Bruchid Beetles?

The Bruchid Beetle, also known as the Broad-Bean Weevil (Bruchus rufimanus), is a common pest found within bean crops. Adult beetles are 3-5mm, coloured black with an oval body and will overwinter in hedges and shrubbery. Bruchid Beetles are most active from May to June when they fly into flowering bean crops. There is generally one generation a year of this pest.

Bruchid Beetle Infestation Signs & Symptoms

Adult beetles will feed on crop pollen before laying eggs in developing bean pods. Bruchid Beetle larvae will hatch from the eggs and proceed to burrow their way through pod walls and into the developing seeds. The larvae will pupate inside seeds before maturing into adults. The adult beetles will then bite through the seed walls. Evidence of infestation and damage will be apparent by the circular exit holes from which the beetles have bored out of.

How To Control Bruchid Beetles

Dragonfli supply a specially developed Bruchid Beetle Trap. The trap is supplied with a species-specific pheromone lure which attracts male and female Bruchid Beetles into the trap. Once the beetles are in the trap they cannot escape and this allows for accurate monitoring and identification of pest infestation levels. Ensure to have traps set up by the end of March to catch the expected annual flight of the adult beetles to the vegetative areas they infest.