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Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes & Box Tree Moth Egg Killer Sachet Bundle

Take Advantage Of Our Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes & Box Tree Moth Egg Killer Sachet Bundle & Enjoy An Overall Discount On Our Two Best Biological Box Tree Caterpillar Controls

The Dragonfli Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes & Moth Egg Killer Sachet Bundle provides the complete solution to Box Tree Caterpillar infestations. Our Moth Egg Killer Sachets contain trichogramma wasps that will parasitise and kill the caterpillar eggs, where our brilliant Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes can be sprayed onto the caterpillars themselves and will proceed to kill them by entering them and releasing a natural bacteria inside.

The bundle provides a perfect natural solution to your Box Tree Caterpillar infestations and helps provide a solution if you are not sure whether eggs or caterpillars are present.

The Box Tree Caterpillar Nematodes & Moth Egg Killer Sachet Bundle includes:

  • 1 Pack of Our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes to be sprayed directly onto the Box Tree Caterpillars. One pack treats up to 35 square metres.
  • 3 Moth Egg Killer Sachets to be placed within the buxus hedges at site of caterpillar infestations. Each sachet covers up to 10 square metres

What Are Box Tree Caterpillars?

Box Tree Caterpillars have rapidly become a serious pest of Box plants and Box hedges all across the UK. The Box Tree Caterpillars can develop in large numbers and in severe cases are capable of completely killing Box plants. The caterpillars will defoliate the plants and damage the leaves, leaving them in a skeletal state. The caterpillars may even bore into the bark of more mature Box plants if left untreated.

Identifying Box Tree Caterpillars

The Box Tree Moths will lay flat, pale yellow eggs that overlap each other in a flat sheet on the underside of the leaves on your Box plants. The larvae that hatch are of a greenish-yellow composition with black heads. As the larvae mature their green body develops dark brown stripes. Very mature larvae have thick black and thin white stripes down the body, with large black dots outlined in white. Look for clear webbing left on the plants which is created when the caterpillars achieve high numbers

How Do I Treat My Box Tree Caterpillar Infestation Using This Bundle?

1. Firstly, apply your Box Tree Moth Egg Killer Sachets

Simply place the Moth Egg Killer Sachets within the foliage of the buxus hedges you wish to treat for infestation. The sachets will gradually release the tiny trichogramma evanescens parasitic wasps over a period of four weeks. The trichogramma wasps will seek out Box Tree Moth eggs to parasitise, laying their own eggs inside them, killing the moth eggs and preventing any future Box Tree Caterpillars from emerging. 

2. Next, apply our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes:

Nematodes can be used as another effective form of biological control against the caterpillars. The most successful species of nematode for Box Tree Caterpillar control is the Steinernema carpocapsae, which is contained within our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematode pack. Apply these nematodes as soon as small caterpillars are observed and spray directly onto the caterpillar pests. 

You may wish to consider supplementing your bundle with our Nema Super Sprayer if you are seeking an easier method of applying your nematodes. The Nema Super Sprayer can be found here.

3. Consider supplementing your bundle with our Box Tree Moth Traps:

A great first step to take in protecting your box plants from infestation is with the use of our Box Tree Moth Traps. This will assist you in catching, monitoring and killing male Box Tree Moths. Once these are observed, it is likely that the Box tree Caterpillars will follow a few weeks later. By pre-empting their activity, and reducing moth numbers, you will have a greater chance of limiting an infestation. Moth mating and egg laying will also be reduced as a result.

4. Help your Box plants recover with our Soil Boost Granules

If your Box plants have sustained damage from these horrible Box Tree Caterpillar pests you may wish to aid their recovery with the application of our Soil Boost Granules. Soil Boost acts as an organic slow release fertiliser, helping the Box plants achieve newly invigorated growth after stress and damage. Soil Boost can be found here.

When Should I Start Using My Bundle?

There are several generations of Box tree Caterpillars in a season. They are active from April - October, so Moth Egg Killer Sachets and nematodes should be used during this period.

Individual Product Instructions:

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Box Tree Moth Egg Killer Sachets click here.

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes click here.

Full application instructions will also be provided for each product with your order.