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Bed Bugs

What Are Bed Bugs?

The Bed Bug species most commonly identified in the U.K. is the Cimex lectularius. These small insects feed on blood from animals and humans, and are often found in bedding and furniture. Bed Bugs have five larval stages before they develop into adults. Their eggs are small and white, the nymphs a paler yellow colour, and the adults a reddish-brown. Bed Bugs can have up to three generations a year.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs & Symptoms

Bed Bugs bite, leaving red marks on skin which can become itchy. Signs of active infestations include small specs of blood, and very small black droplets found in bedding. Bed Bugs tend to congregate in high numbers and are most active at night. They can be located in houses, apartments, hotels and even aboard public transport. They are often transported via clothing and luggage.

How To Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Traps should be deployed as soon as infestations are suspected. These traps can catch high numbers of Bed Bugs and provide ideal monitoring stations, enabling you to establish infestation levels.