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Greenhouse Garlic Smoke - Natural Greenhouse Fumigator Stimulates Plants & Repels Pests

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A Natural Product Derived From Garlic To Protect Plants From Pests

The Fortefog Greenhouse Garlic Smoke is a pyrotechnic fumigation smoke generating device. In clearer terms, it is a fumer cylinder that is lit, via a fuse, to release a natural garlic based smoke to fumigate greenhouses. It is ideal for cleansing greenhouses and providing plants a healthy start at propagation. 

Garlic is a natural ingredient that aids the natural resistance of plants to insect pests, including; Whitefly, Thrip and Aphids. It also acts as a natural dispersant for insect pests already situated in the greenhouse.

Garlic Smoke Improves Plant Recovery & Resistance To Diseases 

Greenhouse Garlic Smoke will also help plants and crops to resist, or recover from, many common fungal diseases. Research shows that garlic can enhance plants natural resistance to diseases such as; Fusarium oxysporum, Phytophthora spp, Phythium spp, Rhizoctonia solani, Botrytis cinerea, Alternaria brassisicola and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. 

How Do I Apply Greenhouse Garlic Smoke?

1. First, close all greenhouse windows, doors and vents.

2. Remove the lid and light the fuse with a match, or lighter, and exit the greenhouse.

3. Leave the greenhouse closed for at least two hours, or preferably overnight.

4. The following day remove the spent container and dispose of it safely.

Can I Apply Natural Predators After Using Greenhouse Garlic Smoke?

If setting off the Garlic Smoke before the use of natural predators, please wait at least 48hrs before applying the beneficial insects.

If you are wishing to use Garlic Smoke after having applied predators please wait at least 4 weeks before setting off the fumer.

When Should I Use Greenhouse Garlic Smoke?

There are three periods throughout the year when you should consider using Greenhouse Garlic Smoke:

1. At the start of the growing season: prior to planting and propagation

2. At propagation: to help plants have a strong, natural, and clean start to life with stimulated growth

3. At the end of the growing season: to aid the clean out of greenhouses

Please apply Greenhouse Garlic Smoke prior to use of beneficial insects for biological control 

How Much Greenhouse Garlic Smoke Do I Need?

The advised application rate for the Garlic Smokes is 1 x 27g fumer will treat up to 1000sqm (100 cubic metres) for flying insects.

What Is Greenhouse Garlic Smoke Made Up Of?

Fortefog Greenhouse Garlic Smoke is a natural product made from garlic extractsThe fumigator also contains allicin and sulphur based nutrients, and selenium, that help aid plant growth. 

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