There are many different types of nematodes, some beneficial and some less so! The nematodes used for insect pest control are called entomopathogenic nematodes , this group of nematodes are harmless to humans and wildlife and provide effective biological control for several plant damaging insect pests. They make up an important part of the Dragonfli Natural Enemies product range.

The success of nematode applications is influenced by the following factors;

  • Choosing the correct species of nematode for the relevant pest
  • Timing the application of nematodes at the correct time of year
  • Ensuring the soil or compost temperature is high enough for nematode activity
  • Creating the right environment for the nematodes i.e. moist compost/ soil
  • Nematode products should be fridge stored on receipt before application

Dragonfli Natural enemy nematodes can be used against the following pests;

  • Vine weevil larvae
  • Slugs
  • Fungus fly larvae
  • Leatherjackets
  • Chafer grubs
  • Other soil borne pests

How nematodes work on Vine Weevil -






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