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Ladybird & Lacewing Hotel

Hibernating habitat for Ladybirds and Lacewings. British made and exclusive to Dragonfli.

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Bloom Boost Mycorrhiza & organic fertiliser

Bloom Boost is a water soluble concentrate for care of bedding and pot plants. SUMMER SALE buy one sachet and get sent an extra one free.

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Beepol Lodge + Hive Voucher

NEW Beepol Lodge plus live bumblebee hive Voucher, includes FSC colour chart; Guide to Bees of Britain. A perfect gift for chidren and adults.

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Wasp trap

Wasp trap with special natural attractant. Ideal for trapping wasps without catching beneficial insects like bees. Trap and keep wasps away with Wasp trap.

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 Dragonfli have launched a  new design of the Beepol Bumblebee Large hive , which is the hive designed for the Beepol Villa. The new design will have an internal viewing panel so that the bumblebee colony can be observed easily.  Dragonfli  also launched for the first time, live solitary bees and attractive solitary bee habitats.  Now  we have two live pollinating insects to choose from at Dragonfli; UK native bumblebees and Solitary bees . These bees can be supported with our wide range of bee friendly plants and seeds. Go to Stories & Photos on our Bee page to see what our customers do with their bees!

When sowing or planting, one of the best ways to help young plants establish is with the addition of beneficial fungi like Mycorrhizal fungi. The Dragonfli range of Boost products are specially formulated to help plants establish in standard or adverse growing conditions.  Dragonfli supply granular  Mycorrhiza products  for use at planting and soluble versions for watering in at or after planting.

To combat insect pests in the garden , try first to establish habitats that will attract beneficial insects such as Ladybirds and Lacewings. If they are not present in large enough numbers, Dragonfli supplies a wide range of biological control and natural enemies to help combat pests naturally.

 Dragonfli has also launched its own brand of Vine weevil killing nematodes to combat this troublesome pest naturally, with a non-chemical solution using highly efficient vine weevil killing nematodes that kill the larvae of the vine weevil.

RHS Garden Mycorrhizal fungi  article

There is a very good article on the benefits of Mycorrhizal fungi in this months edition of the RHS Garden magazine giving a thorough explanation of how the fungi works and interacts with plants. It also lists Dragonfli as a supplier of Mycorrhiza fungi and fertilizer [ although they spelt our name wrong! ]. This refers to our Bloom Boost and Pot and Container products , which are soluble formulations of Mycorrhiza mixed with organic fertilizer, ideal for giving plants a boost this summer, by simply watering in. For planting out use Roots Boost, which is  a granule formulation placed in the planting hole.


Yews treated with Pot and Container Boost





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Slug and snail year!

The mild winter and damp conditions have led to huge populations of slugs and snails. To control them without impacting on natural predators like Hedgehogs and Frogs, try our Super Slug Killer pellets, which contain ferric phosphate. This organic form of pest control only kills slugs and snails and does not harm wildlife, pets or children. It even breaks down into fertilizer after use.

Safe slug and snail control with Super Slug Killer, certified for organic gardening.



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