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Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes (100m2)

Leatherjacket Killer for Biological control of leatherjackets using Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes.


Large Wasp trap

Large Wasp trap with 1 litre of natural attractant to catch high numbers of wasps. Highly effective trap for catching wasps.


Chafer Grub Killer (100m2)

Chafer Grub Killer nematodes for biological control of chafer grubs using nematodes. Available now!


SB Plant Invigorator 1 litre concentrate

SB Plant Invigorator 1 litre concentrate, safe to use natural insecticide compatible with integrated pest management using beneficial insects.




2016 has seen the launch of our new Queen Bee hives in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday. Hand made in the UK and able to house the large hive of British native bumblebees, Bombus terrestris audax, the new Queen Bee hives are available in limited colour batches, so grab them while you can! In 2015, Dragonfli  launched a  new design of the Beepol Bumblebee Villa , which is the house designed for the Beepol Large hive. The new design has a copper roof, which will look fantastic in any garden.  During 2014,  Dragonfli launched for the first time, live solitary bees and attractive solitary bee habitats.  Now  we have two live pollinating insects to choose from at Dragonfli; UK native bumblebees and Solitary bees . These bees can be supported with our wide range of bee friendly plants and seeds. Go to Stories & Photos on our Bee page to see what our customers do with their bees!

 When sowing or planting, one of the best ways to help young plants establish is with the addition of beneficial fungi like Mycorrhizal   fungi. The new, relaunched Dragonfli range of Roots Boost pouches are specially formulated to help plants establish in standard or adverse growing  conditions.  Dragonfli supply granular  Mycorrhiza products  for use at planting and soluble versions for watering in at or after planting.

To combat insect pests in the garden , try first to establish habitats that will attract beneficial insects such as Ladybirds and Lacewings. If they are not present in large enough numbers, Dragonfli supplies a wide range of biological control and natural enemies to help combat pests naturally including a wide range of nematodes for the control of garden pests such as Vine weevil, fungus fly and Leatherjackets.

Biological control is not restricted to the control of pests on plants, we now also have biological control for red mite on chickens and hens in the form of tiny predatory mites that eat the red mites. A similar predatory mite is also available for the control of snake mite on snakes and lizards. This removes the need for using harmful and ineffective chemical treatments.




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Leatherjacket Invasion

Crane flies, Daddy Longlegs or Leatherjackets -  whatever you call them, there are plenty around at the moment.

The obvious signs in your garden of Leatherjacket activity are patches of dying grass on the lawn.

Simply lift up the turf where you see yellowing grass and underneath you will find short, brown worms. These are leatherjackets getting ready for next year.

Simply by using nematodes, you can stop the spread of these pests and ensure that next years generation are stopped in their tracks.

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Leatherjacket damage after birds have been digging for the worms.

October Garden Job

October is the month to get your garden prepared for winter.

Winter adult moths are active from autumn to late winter and crawl up tree trunks to lay their eggs on the branches.

By applying Greasebands to the trunks of trees, the females cannot climb up to lay eggs.

The bands need to be placed at 45cm above soil level during October and kept there until April.

Our September offer price for a 3m band is £4.99.