Bumblebee Wax Moth Defences

B401 is our natural bacteria to be used in the treatment of Wax Moth Larvae

  • B401 does not stop the wax moth from entering the hive, but will stop theincrease of wax moth larvae.
  • Once the solution is sprayed onto the cardboard & wood inside the Villa or Queen Beehive, any wax moth attaching itself to the inside of the hive will naturally ingest the solution, which will kill it.
  • Sold as a concentrate, once diluted, it can be sprayed on the cardboard colony box and  the Villa/ Queen Beehive exterior and interior.
  • Any undiluted concentrate can be stored in a fridge for use again next season.
  • All aspects of the bees house and colony must be sprayed  and left to dry.
  • The Villa/Queen Beehive and bee box need to be sprayed every 3-4 weeks, to ensure constant fresh bacteria to combat the wax moth.

This should ensure our Beepol hives have a fighting chance against the devastation that the wax moth can cause.


Wax Moth Information

  • The nests and hives of a number of different bee species, including bumblebees, are sometimes invaded by wax moths.  Wax moths lay their eggs within or close to the bee nests and the larvae hatch then disperse into the nest feeding on the contents.  
  • If nests are invaded during the early stage, then the wax moth infestation is often fatal.
  • Signs of a wax moth infestation are initially long strands of silken webbing and then the appearance of grey/brown maggots amongst the bees brood cells.
  • Wax moths detect bee nests by scent and often lay their eggs during the night when the bees are less likely to attack them.

Unfortunately, BEEPOL bumblebee nests can be invaded by wax moths in the same way that wild bumblebee nests are affected.  


                           A bumblebee nest invaded by wax moths.


Customer suggestions -

Our customers have tried other ways to protect their BEEPOL bumblebees from the wax moth. Here are two suggestions.

1. Try putting mint or lavender plants/pots in front of the Beepol hive. Wax moths are said to dislike the smell of both of these plants.

2. Mix a potion together to hang in a tree, which will lure the wax moth into the bottle instead of towards the bees. You will need a 2 litre plastic bottle with a hole made just below the slope of the neck ( about 1inch).The ingredients are  1 cup of water,1 cup of sugar, half a cup of vinegar and 1 banana peel. Leave it to ferment for a few days before tying it to a tree near your Beepol bees. The wax moth should be able to get into the bottle, but not get out, drowning in the liquid.

None of these suggestions have a 100% success rate, but are always worth trying to organise before the wax moth hatches out in June.

If you have any suggestions of your own, please contact us on [email protected] and we will be happy to include your anti wax moth ideas.








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