Solitary Bee Nests


Solitary bee nests come in all sizes as can be seen from the one above, which is on a shopping centre!

Dragonfli can supply habitats and nest sites for small gardens up to orchards and large landscape installations. We supply live solitary bee cocoons in the spring every year, so you can breed your own bees.  The cocoons are harvested from special nesting units in the UK  and contain the native species ; Osmia bicornis [ use to be known as Osmia rufa ].They can be sent on their own or as part of a Beepol Solitary Bee Nester kit, with the habitat included. The new nester kit incorporates a unique cartridge system for loading the cocoons into the nester.

Bespoke nesters can be made to order or standard ones ordered through the Dragonfli shop. If you would like a quote for a larger unit or trade supply, please e-mail  [email protected]


A Mason bee on nest tubes



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