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Taurrus Snake & Reptile Mite Predators


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What Are Snake Mites? 

The Snake Mite (Ophionyssus natricis) is a parasitic mite that feeds on the blood of Snakes and Lizards. These parasites are fast moving, dark in colour and will often be observed around the eyes, or mouth, of infected Snakes. The parasites cause Snakes and Lizards intense irritation and can influence their behaviour. Infected reptiles may, for instance, spend more time in water attempting to rid themselves of the mites.

What Is Taurrus & How Can It Help?

Taurrus offers an entirely natural control of the Snake Mite. It uses a species of predatory mite that will quickly consume the Snake Mites, offering a quick and effective solution to infestations.

Key Benefits Of Taurrus:

  • It will kill all Snake Mite stages; from eggs to adults
  • No requirement for handling of the Snakes or Lizards
  • Leaves no after-effects, or harmful residues
  • Completely safe for the reptiles and the user
  • Mites cannot build resistance to Taurrus, unlike in chemicals

How Much Taurrus Do I Need?

• Taurrus M - treats 1-2 terrariums / vivariums
• Taurrus L - treats 10-15 terrariums / vivariums
• Taurrus XL - treats 25-30 terrariums / vivariums
• Taurrus XXL- treats 50 plus terrariums / vivariums

How Do I Apply Taurrus?

Taurrus is easy to use and apply. Simply sprinkle the Taurrus directly onto your reptile, or into the occupied vivarium / terrarium. 

Full application instructions are provided on delivery.

Please do not use Taurrus within 2 weeks of using a chemical product.

When Will I Need To Replace The Taurrus?

The Taurrus mites will last around 4 weeks, and repeat applications may be required for large infestations. Taurrus can be applied on a regular basis as a preventative treatment if applying small amounts every 4/5 weeks. Once all Snake Mites have been consumed Taurrus will naturally die out.

You can expect clear results 2-3 weeks after first release of the product.

Can I Store Taurrus?

We advise using Taurrus straight away upon delivery, this ensures best results as the Mites will be fresh.

Allergy Information 

Just as you can be allergic to cats, pollen, and dust mites, it is also possible to be allergic to the natural substances in predatory mites, feeder mites, and supplementary feeding products. If you are not allergic, but come into close and prolonged contact with certain substances, you could still develop an allergy.

Click here for advice on on the precautionary measures you can take to prevent or reduce any allergic reactions caused by the type of products mentioned above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Reggie Raven
Best way to treat snake mites!

Great product, no chemicals needed, no rush to your animals, simply apply the Taurus mites and let them do their work. Just know you may need to follow up with a second treatment incase any eggs are missed.
Definitely worth it, takes all the hassle and stress out of the nightmare that is snake mites


Always a great product fast delivery


Amazing, does what it says on the tub


Did as advertised

Go to mite treatment

From now on this will defintiely be my go to mite treatment if i ever need to treat for mites again, even for a preventitive measure.
It works so unbelievably well, i was pleasantly surprised when the mites on my entire collection were eradicated in a very short time period. By day two i could already notice a considerable difference in the number of visible mites on my snakes.
I had used a chemical mite treatment prior to trying out this method with no luck so was incredibly happy that this worked out so well.
In the future i will be using Taurrus mites as a preventitive treatment for any new snakes i acquire because i am extremely confident in this product and how well it works.

Can not reccomend it enough to anyone looking to try it instead of chemical treatments.