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Pea & Bean Weevil Lure

Use Our Highly Effective Pheromone Lures In Our Pea & Bean Weevil Traps

This highly effective pheromone lure has been designed specifically to attract adult male and female Pea & Bean Weevils into traps. 

This reduces the numbers of Pea & Bean Weevil in circulation, effectively halting their reproduction and breaking the Pea & Bean Weevil life cycle; providing you with complete control over the pest.

How Do I Set Up The Lure Inside The Traps?

Place the opened attractant lure in the transparent top of the Pea & Bean Weevil trap.

When Should I Use The Lures In The Traps?

Use the Pea & Bean Weevil lure in your traps from February onwards. 

When Will I Need To Replace The Lures?

The lures are designed to last an entire Pea & Bean Weevil season (roughly 6 weeks).

Can I Store The Lures?

If lures are to be stored and not used upon receipt, you may store them in a fridge or freezer.

More information on how to treat Pea & Bean Weevils can be found on the product listing for our Pea & Bean Weevil Trap

Pea & Bean Weevil pest & pest damage images courtesy of the PGRO, visit their website for more information on this pest: