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Pantry Moth Control Bundle: Pheromone Trap & Moth Egg Killer Sachet

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Take Advantage Of Our Pantry Moth Control Bundle & Enjoy An Overall Discount On Our Two Best Pantry Moth Controls

The Dragonfli Pantry Moth Control Bundle provides the perfect solution to newly laid Pantry Moth eggs and adult Pantry Moth infestations. Our brilliant Trichogramma Moth Egg Killer sachets will kill the egg stage of the pest, while the Pantry Moth Pheromone Trap will catch and kill the male adult moths. 

The bundle provides a perfect natural solution to your Pantry Moth larval & adult  moth infestations and will help you to combat larger, or multiple, areas of infestations. 

The Pantry Moth Control Bundle includes:

  • 1 Pantry Moth Egg Killer Sachet to release trichogramma wasps which will parasitise the Pantry Moth eggs. This will reduce larval development and reduce pest populations.
  • 1 Pantry Moth Pheromone Trap to catch and kill adult male Pantry Moths. The trap includes 2 Pantry Moth pheromone lures.


What Are Pantry Moths?

The Pantry Moth, otherwise known as the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) is a pest of stored food products. The larvae of the moth feed on cereals, flour, bread, snacks and other dried stored foods. This makes the food inedible and requiring disposal. The first indication of the pest can be the presence of silken webs in such foods. The Pantry Moth larvae are of whitish-yellow colouring, with a brown head, and can crawl through small openings in packaging and cardboard containers. Female moths can lay up to 400 eggs which will hatch in seven days in warm conditions. The larvae will then seek for food stuffs to feed on. Pantry Moths can produce up to eight generations a year.

How Do I Treat My Pantry Moth Infestation Using This Bundle?

1. Firstly, use our Pantry Moth Pheromone Traps:

The first step in protecting your food is to set up your Pantry Moth Trap. This will assist you in catching, monitoring and killing male Pantry Moths. Once these adult moths are observed, it is likely that the Pantry Moth larvae will follow a few weeks later. By pre-empting their activity, and reducing moth numbers, you will have a greater chance of limiting a severe infestation. Moth mating and egg laying will also be reduced as a result.

2. Next, apply the Pantry Moth Egg Killer Sachet:

Moth Egg Killer Sachets can be used as an effective form of biological control against developing Pantry Moth eggs. The Moth Egg Killer sachets used for Pantry Moth control contain Trichogramma evanescens, which are tiny wasps that parasitise the eggs of the Pantry Moth. The Trichogramma will lay their own eggs inside the Pantry Moth eggs, killing the developing Pantry Moth larvae and reducing future pest numbers. Apply the Moth Egg Killer sachets as soon as Pantry Moths are observed and caught in your pheromone traps.

3. Reuse, or replace, your pheromone trap, and replace your Pantry Moth Egg Killer Sachet after 4 weeks if Pantry Moths reappear

To keep the trap active, replace the first pheromone lure after 6 weeks, and use the second lure provided. The trap is supplied with two lures to give it a minimum of 12 weeks catching time.

If you require replacement lures you can find these here.

Replacement Pantry Moth traps can be acquired here.

The sachet will release 6000 parasitic wasps over a period of three weeks and is recommended to cover an area of 25m2We advise you to check pest numbers after application and consider applying more Trichogramma if numbers of Pantry Moth remain high. For ongoing control, it is advised to replace the sachets every four weeks. You can purchase replacement or additional Pantry Moth Egg Killer Sachets here.

When Should I Start Using My Bundle?

Pantry Moths can be active all year at indoor temperatures, so you may apply the traps whenever you wish to control your infestations.

The Moth Egg Killer sachets can be used against Pantry Moth larvae when identified in in food storage environments. These too can be used all year round.

Individual Product Instructions:

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Pantry Moth Egg Killer Sachets click here.

- For more detailed instructions on how to apply our Pantry Moth Pheromone Traps click here.

Full application instructions will also be provided for each product with your order.

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Fr Edmund Cargill Thompson
Moth control

These natural products have worked more effectively than any of the many other things I have tried to keep moths under control