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Drosophila Suzukii Fruit Fly Liquid Attractant


Use Our Highly Effective Wasp Attractant In Our Drosophila Fruit Fly Traps

This attractant is highly effective for use in our traps for the mass catching of large numbers of Drosophila suzukii Fruit Flies. This natural attractant lures the Fruit Flies inside, where they become trapped and drown from exhaustion within the attractant. Our attractant is specified for Drosophila suzukii Fruit Flies and as such does not attract, or catch, Bees, Birds, or harm wildlife. It is entirely safe for use around children and pets, and contains no chemicals.

How Do I Fill Up My Drosophila Suzukii Trap With The Attractant?

1. Fill the trap with the two bottles of 125ml Fruit Fly Liquid Attractant included.

2. Hang the trap on a branch, or stick, using the enclosed hook.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

Can I Store The Attractant?

The Fruit Fly attractant can indeed be stored away for later use.

When Should I Use Drosophila Fruit Fly Traps?

Install the traps as soon as the temperature exceeds 10°C, coinciding with the beginning of the adult flights and fruit development in surrounding trees and shrubs. Traps will be less effective once fruit starts to ripen

How Much Attractant Do I Need?

The attractant is available in three sizes to fill the Fruit Fly trap containers. Select from either:

- 125ml of Fruit Fly Attractant

- 500ml of Fruit Fly Attractant

- 1 Litre of Fruit Fly Attractant

When Will I Need To Refill My Trap With Attractant?

The attractant will need replacing once it is dried out, and the trap is full of Fruit Flies. The best way to clean our your trap and replace its attractant is to open and submerge the trap in a large bucket of water. This will drown any Fruit Flies that haven't yet died and wash out the Fruit Fly remains.

With this refill liquid readily available our Fruit Fly traps can be reused for many years.

More information on how to treat Fruit Flies can be found on our Drosophila Suzukii Fruit Fly Trap product listing.