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Clothes Moth Pheromone Lure

Use Our Highly Effective Pheromone Lures In Our Clothes Moth Traps

This highly attractive pheromone lure has been designed specifically to attract adult male Clothes Moths into traps. 

The pheromone lure is placed on the sticky surface inside the trap. This gives off a sex pheromone that attracts the male Clothes Moth, which are then caught on the sticky surface inside the trap. The traps can catch high numbers of Clothes Moths which results in reduced moth mating, egg laying and infestation levels.

Our Pheromone Lures Provide The Best Results

The pheromone lure that Dragonfli supplies will attract and catch the three main Clothes Moth species, which alternative Clothes Moth lures do not always achieve. The species our lure catches are listed below:

  • Webbing Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella)
  • Case Making Clothes Moth (Tinea pellionella)
  • Pale Backed Clothes Moth (Monopis cracicopitella)

How Do I Set Up The Lures Inside The Traps?

    Firstly, open the foil sachet and remove the pheromone lure. Next, place the lure inside the trap. It does not matter which way round it goes.

    When Should I Use These Lures In My Traps?

    Clothes Moths can be active all year round at indoor temperatures, so set up the lures within your traps whenever you wish to control your infestation.

    When Will I Need To Replace The Lures?

    Each lure lasts up to six weeks. Pheromone lures over six weeks old will start to be less effective at attracting male moths. If the Clothes moth trap is already full of Clothes moths, we would advise purchasing a new Clothes moth trap.

    Can I Store The Lures?

    If lures are to be stored and not used upon receipt, you may store them in a fridge or freezer.

    More information on how to treat Clothes Moth can be found on our Clothes Moth Trap and Clothes Moth Egg Killer Sachet product listings.